Feng Shui Crystal Globe 100 gram With Golden Stand For Good Luck (9 Cms)


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Our Globe with stand is the ultimate Feng Shui solution to help align one’s living space with who they are and what they want, bringing emotional balance and the ability to think clearly, thereby inspiring creativity. Crystal Globe can be used at homes, offices, factories or study tables, this makes the most of your surroundings or Vastu by harmonizing the energy flow and using it to bring calmness and inner strength.

Feng Shui Globe which revolves 2-3 times gives positive energy in the room and business. It is also called a luck ball or fortunes spinning ball. You need to fix it with screws with the stand and when it revolves it empowers its energy.

Dimensions: Height: 6 cm Width: 4 cm Weight: 83 gram

This can be used as a lucky charm for your love or as a gift for your loved ones.


 Here are the benefits of the Crystal Globe :

  • Crystal Globe also enhances your knowledge and concentration power and improve academic success.
  • Crystal Globe improves the future, financial luck, and welcomes prosperity in your life.
  •  Crystal globe can help you attain all the worldly happiness.
  • You can give this Crystal Globe in the form of a gift to your friends or relatives.
  • Crystal globe works like a charm to provide you with sound sleep. Place in on a nightstand while sleeping.


Here are a few ways the crystal globe can be used in the Feng Shui tradition.

You may have never thought of it before. Let’s take a close look 👇👇👇

  • The crystal globe should be kept dust-free, neat and clean.
  • Free your table from clutter, unwanted items and dust.
  • It will be beneficial if the globe is rotated three times in a day, with three rounds at a time.
  • Always place the crystal globe on an elevated platform.
  • Align it on the left side of the table or work station.
  • In Fengshui, the southeast corner of a home considered as the most auspicious for family happiness.


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