The most popular gemstone on the market is garnet. The energetic stone garnet is used to attract and ignite passion and success. According to legend, garnet balances the body’s energies and emotions.
Garnet stone comes in a wide range of shapes and colours because it is widely available and abundant. The majority of these jewels currently come from Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, and the United States.
Garnet is a January birthstone.
Product Details:
Eight garnets and silver sparkles decorate the sides of this oval garnet ring in silver. Gemstones in deep red with a lustrous appearance.
Gemstone: Cardinal gems
Colour: Red
Shape: Oval
Origin: Sri Lanka
Weight: 0.3 carat
Stone Weight: 0.6g
Silver Weight: 5.98g
Birthstone: January
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Benefits of Garnet Ring:
The heart chakra is related to stones that are red garnet. This gem is a representation of love and is frequently linked to the vitality, blood, heart, and inner fire. It is also a potent source of energy.
It heals spinal injuries and strengthens the spleen, lungs, and immune system.
  • The Garnet stone guards the user against poison and lessens depression.
  • It draws others in and ignites their passion and success.
  • It can get rid of old patterns that may be getting in your way as well as energetic and emotional obstacles that may be limiting your vitality.
  • Bring about a state of physical, emotional, and energetic stability.
  • Also, may strengthen the wearers bone structure.

How to clean your Garnet ring?

Garnets can always be safely cleaned in warm, soapy water. With the exception of stones with fractures, the ultrasonic cleaner is typically harmless. It is not advised to use steam cleaning.


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