Garnet Pear Silver Ring(2.8Gram)


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Red garnet is known as “the stone of health and power. Garnets are a silicate mineral group that has been used as a gemstone and abrasive since the Bronze Age. Garnets have comparable physical qualities and crystal formations, but their chemical composition varies. ” People born during the ‘lagnas’ of Edavam, Mithunam, Kanni, Thulam, Makaram, and Kumbham can wear garnet, according to Indian astrologers.

Garnets can be found all around the globe. Garnets come in a variety of colors and are found in various areas. Garnet is found in South Africa, Sri Lanka, China, and Madagascar, whereas Almandite is native to India, Brazil, and the United States.

Garnet, the January birthstone, is steeped in legend and was once thought to have healing abilities.

Product Details:

The claw set pear garnet ring with silver stones around the edge is stunning. It features a pear-shaped garnet in a claw setting with a vivid red tint. The diamond accents on the shank add to the ring’s exquisite allure.

Gemstone: Cardinal Gems

Shape: Pear

Color: Red

Origin: Brazil

Weight: 0.5 carat

Stone Weight: 0.1g

Silver Weight: 2.8g

Birthstone:  January

Benefits of Garnet Stone:

The benefits of garnet are numerous. Red garnet gemstones are ruled by Mars, the planet of blood, passion, fire, courage, and drive, according to Vedic astrology. As a result, it makes the wearer feel impassioned and motivates them to study new things.

  • It strengthens the spleen and lungs and heals spinal damage.
  • It also alleviates depression and, according to old beliefs, the Garnet stone protects the wearer from poison.
  • It clears emotional and energetic obstacles that may be restricting your vitality, as well as previous patterns that may be impeding your progress.
  • Garnet is supposed to bring both energetic and emotional harmony in the body.
  • Garnet restores emotional balance and balances the sex urge.
  • It awakens and increases the survival instinct, instilling courage and optimism.
  • Garnet regenerates the body and boosts metabolism.

How to clean the garnet stone?

Garnets should always be cleaned with warm soapy water. Except for fractured stones, the ultrasonic cleaner is usually harmless. Steam cleaning is not advised.


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