Gomati Chakra Tree: One Remedy for Vastu Doshas and Marriages || Improve Sucess and Good Fortune


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If you place the Gomati Chakra tree in your home, it is seen as a lucky charm and is frequently used as a sign of luck and good fortune. Other names for the gomati chakra include the cow’s eye shell, nag chakra, and cat’s eye shell.

In many respects, gomati chakra are referred to as a symbol for divinity because it is thought that they are very closely related to Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, and Lord Sri Krishna. 

Gomati chakra are found naturally on the bank of the Dwaraka tributary of the Ganga river in central Uttar Pradesh state of north India.

They are frequently used as Yantras to worship Lord Vishnu, goddess Lakshmi and Lord Sri Krishna. 

Because of this, it is believed that wherever gomati chakra is worshiped, the home would be blessed with wealth and happiness.

According to hindu tradition, if you worship the gomati chakra with earnest devotion, you will purge all of your past sins and bad karma from your previous lifetimes, and obtain the blessing of the goddess Lakshmi, and enjoy tremendous prosperity and good health throughout your life.

According to vastu shastra, occupants will be shielded from the negative effects of vastu induced by the South East direction if you bury 11 gomati chakra in the building’s foundation. Additionally, the 11 gomati chakras stand in for the 11 rudras of Lord Shiva’s holy form.

Gomati chakra can bring stability to mariages. It has a history of reuniting estranged couples’ love and respect. Gather 11 gomti stones and store them in a fresh vermilion box (sindoor). 


Gomati Chakra tree Benefits


  1. . It protects newly born babies against the bad and evil eye by hanging it in the nursery.                                                                                          
  2. .It provides luck and harmony to the wearer, and brings wealth and prosperity into their lives.                                                                          
  3. .It also helps you get promoted at work and succeed in business 


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