Green Aventurine Bracelet( 18 Grams) for Good Luck, Success ,self confidence& Better Job Opportunities


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Natural Green Aventurine is said to enhance creativity, concentration, self confidence and prosperity. Charged with Reiki it brings peace, clarity and healing energy . 

Unique Fashion Green aventurine bracelet to look stylish in any occasion. For Men, Women, Boys and Girls.If You Are Looking for some unique gift for your dear one then Our Bracelets are the perfect Gift for Wedding , Birthday, Valentine Or Anniversary or Personal Use.

Stretchable Elastic Bracelets : 100% Natural Healing Crystal Stones Good For Rehabilitations, Reiki & Meditate work.

Stone size – 8Mm

Diameter: 2.5 Inch;

Weight: 30 Grams Approx.;


What can this Green Aventurine crystal do for you? Here are 5 Benefits!

  • Green Aventurine: A Special Stone That Allows For Luck & Opportunities
  • Green Aventurine brings luck and opportunities
  • Helps to speak clearly and get people on your side
  • Healing stone for the lungs, liver, sinuses, and heart
  • Loosens and releases negativity and energy blockages

This crystal will kick your wishes into overdrive

Let’s talk about how you can do that 👇👇👇

  • Place it on top of a quartz point or selenite under the full moon.
  • Bathe it in Sage or Palo Santo smoke, bury it in salt water.
  • Bathe it in salt water, smoke it with Palo Santo or Sage, leave it.

 Let’s have a quick look how to use Green Aventurine:

  • Wear a Green Aventurine close to your heart or on pulse points.
  • Place a Blue Aventurine on the third-eye Chakra to aid in healing.
  • You can also place them under your pillow


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