Green Aventurine Raw Crystal Stone of Opportunity – Heal Heart Chakra (530 – 650Grams)


Green Aventurine is a heart-healing stone. It is used to clear and activate the heart chakra for emotional control and healing gradually. It is also known as luck stone as it opens new opportunities for you.

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Green Aventurine is also known as the stone of opportunity. It is used to protect your heart chakra from emotional blockage.
Green Aventurine Raw crystal is perfect to give you directions, schedule your project, keep your life on track. Light green helps you to soothe your emotional wounds. It also helps you to connect to your higher self and build a sense of commitment to resolve issues blocking your growth and healthy life.
The color of green aventurine crystal represents growth, power, and life force. One using natural raw green aventurine can create a constant power, bonding in a relationship and flourishing new business opportunities. The raw crystal is an aid for the lost business and people who want to open new opportunities in their careers.
Green Aventurine inspires you to believe in yourself, heals your heart, and makes you feel lighter and joyful. If you are dealing with unhealthy relationships, patterns, heartache, illness issues, or depression. It encourages you to try a different direction and possibility for your growth keep you motivated and make you stable and firmly grounded.


How to use Green Aventurine Raw Crystal.

Green Aventurine is a beautiful Natural Crystal that keeps you away from the feeling of sluggishness or depression.
  1. Place your green aventurine under the full moonlight. This frees your stone from negative energy and also replenishes it will positive energy.
  2. Another option will light a sage and smudge the crystal with its smoke. Do this until you feel the energy in equilibrium.
  3. Position the crystal between your two palms. Close your eyes and set your true intention and pray every day with the process.
  4. You can observe the change and openness with the help of a green aventurine.


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