Hexagonal Citrine Silver Ring(1.43Gram)


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The translucent, light yellow to brownish orange form of quartz is known as citrine. Citrine’s upbeat colour makes it unsurprising that it is connected with enthusiasm and optimism. It is frequently utilized to help manifest financial prosperity and possibilities.

The majority of citrine used now originates from Brazil, but it may also be found naturally in the Ural Mountains of Russia, France, and Madagascar, among other places. Darker hues, such as medium golden orange, are frequently regarded as more precious because they are rarer.

November’s birthstone. Topaz and citrine are two lovely birthstones that can be worn by people born in November.

Product Details:

The Asscher citrine sparkles like the early morning sun and is prong-set on a smooth, tapering shank. This cocktail ring features a honey yellow oval citrine that is set in a prong setting.

Gemstone: Sapphire

Shape: Asscher

Colour: Yellow

Origin: Brazil

Weight: 1.5 carats

Stone Weight: 0.3g

Silver Weight: 1.43g

Birthstone: November

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Benefits of Citrine Stone:

Given its cheery colour, it is not unexpected that citrine is connected to cheerfulness and optimism. It is frequently utilised to help manifest financial prosperity and possibilities.

  • helps to develop self-confidence and personal power by arousing the solar plexus chakra.
  • It facilitates digestion, stimulates absorption, and effectively removes kidney and bladder contaminates.
  • It releases anger, bad emotions, deeply rooted feelings of dread, destructive tendencies, and is excellent in overcoming gloom.
  • Attracts wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

How to clean the citrine ring?

Cleaning citrine with warm, soapy water is safe. Except in the rare cases where a stone is coloured or treated with fracture filling, ultrasonic cleaners are typically safe. Since citrine shouldn’t be heated, steam cleaning is not advised.


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