Feng Shui Bagua Mirror 50 gram for Vastu to Protect from Negative Energy(Metal -8 inches)


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The Bagua Mirror is also known as the Fengshui mirror, and can be used to reflect negative energy and prevent its entry. It is useful in correcting the Sha Chi (killing energy). The shape of the mirror is round and it comes with a frame. You can hang this where you feel negative energy or bad vibes are entering your house. This would help in protecting your house from unwanted energy making a home full of positivity.

As Per Vastu Feng Shui, Bagua Mirror Is Placed Outdoors. It Is Used At Homes/offices To Reflect Evil Spirits Or Energy Away From The House

A Fengshui Bagua Mirror is used to overturn the negative effects of “poison arrows’ ‘ originating from the corners of buildings or other angles pointing towards your home.

This mirror is best for home decoration purposes. It should hang on the front door or outside the main gate and it can also be hanged in a balcony

Length : 18 Cm : Width : 18 Cm : Weight : 300 Gram Approx.

  • Mirror reflecting the main door causes wealth and good fortune.
  • In restaurants and in hotels use large sized mirrors to create an illusion of space
  • Never hang mirrors opposite a door or window since they reflect the chi (energy) back and do not allow it to flow.
  • Mirrors should always be framed according to calculations done by the Fengshui expert.


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