London Blue Topaz Pear Shape(2.96Gram)


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The most common hue of topaz and the birthstone for December, blue represents sincerity, intense emotional attachment, and emotional clarity. Blue topaz, the gemstone for December, is a good choice for a fourth wedding anniversary present.

Greek term “topazion,” which comes from the Sanskrit “tapas,” which means fire, is where the name “topaz” comes from. Topaz and diamond both have a beautiful shine and exquisite cleavage. It displays a noticeable colour interplay. The London Blue Topaz exhibits the deepest blue hue of any topaz kind.

The greatest and finest London Blue Topaz is made in Brazil, where it is mined and frequently irradiated to give it a strong London blue hue.

Product Details:

Certified London Blue Topaz weighing 0.5 carats

Shape: Pear

Colour: Blue

Composition: Natural

Origin: Brazil

Weight: 0.5g

Stone Weight: 0.1g

Silver Weight: 2.96g

Benefits of London Blue Topaz:

The stone symbolising tranquilly is the London Blue Topaz. It is the perfect object for meditation because it tends to soothe the wearer’s emotions, lessen stress, and promote tranquillity.

  • A potent protection against unlucky love.
  • boosts and bolsters our self-assurance, balances our emotional lives, and naturally increases and exalts our assertiveness.
  • promotes good digestion and pancreatic action by boosting intestinal activity.
  • works well on the solar plexus chakra.
  • Also helps detoxifying effects on the liver and the respiratory system during therapy.

Caring the London Blue Topaz:

The topaz needs to be unloaded twice a month while submerged in running water and charged with a rock crystal overnight. Never place the jewels in direct sunlight since some stones will fade or return to their original hue when exposed to intense light. Furthermore, a surface-treated topaz cannot be polished or re-sanded.



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