Madira Citrine Three stone Ring Oval Shape(2.88Gram)


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Quartz comes in the clear, light yellow to brownish orange variation known as citrine. A member of the crystalline quartz family, citrine is a stone that ranges in colour from pale yellow to reddish-orange. Composed of oxygen and silicon atoms, quartz is a hard, crystalline mineral. For dhanu (Sagittarius) and meena (Pisces) rashi, Vedic astrology suggests sunela ratan. Citrine is the suggested birthstone for a sagittarius sign in Western astrology.

Citrine has been found in places like Madagascar, Kazakhstan, and the Ural Mountains of Russia, to name a few. While the majority of the commercial citrine we see today is made from quartz and amethyst that have been processed in laboratories, these stones are mined in Brazil and Uruguay.

Citrine is a November birthstone.

Product Details:

Oval shape three stone citrine ring with silver sparkles. These two stone rings are lovely, with graceful curves and outlines.

Gemstone: Zicrone

Shape: Oval

Colour: Yellow

Origin: Brazil

Weight: 1.8 carat

Stone Weight: 0.36g

Silver Weight: 2.88g

Birthstone: November

Benefits of Citrine Stone:

The energy of citrine is wonderful for reviving and re-energizing the body. Due to its potent cleansing and regeneration properties, citrine is said to be helpful in treating the spiritual self as well.

  • Your body is cleansed, pressure or blockages are relieved, and your body is filled with an abundance of inspiration and vitality.
  • It is a stone that fosters fresh starts, new endeavours, and delight in daily life.
  • It facilitates digestion, stimulates absorption, and is highly effective in eradicating kidney and bladder contaminations.
  • In addition to protecting the skin, hair, and nails from damage and allergies brought on by food and other products, it also helps the mind stay sharp.
  • It releases anger, bad emotions, deeply rooted feelings of dread, destructive tendencies, and is excellent in overcoming gloom.
  • It enables you to explore, enjoy new experiences, and provides you the courage to act or decide in a certain situation.
  • It keeps you happy, enables you to enjoy life’s little pleasures, and keeps your methods completely adjustable.

How to clean the Citrine ring?

Citrine jewellery can be cleaned with soap and water or with a non-abrasive jewellery cleaner.

Important: Avoid steam cleaning citrine because heat should not be applied to this stone and could cause damage.


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