A tiger eye sphere is a natural gemstone that has powerful energy, making it suitable for enhancing meditation and optimizing your physical and mental health. It is a quality ball that has been smoothened thoroughly to make it easy to use. You can also choose from any of the available sizes.

Tiger Eye symbolizes the vigilant and acute nature of the tiger. It can help meet your various needs, such as creativity, courage, inner peace, and confidence. It can help you control your inner and outer energy, and create your own calm amidst any storm.

These beautiful stones are perfect for reiki  healing, meditation, or ritual. Use them to keep the seven Chakras at their right energy levels, causing the wearer to feel more balanced.

This Tiger Eye sphere will protect you and help you see things clearly. Place it anywhere in your home or office and it will release toxins, alleviate pain and strengthen alignment of the spinal column.

This product is made of natural stone, which is unique on its own. Due to the nature of the stone, each product might have slight variation in colour, texture and pattern. This diversity further enhances the natural look of the product.


-Tiger eye is a powerful protective stone.
-Tiger Eye will balance your wellbeing.
-Tiger Eye may build strong foundations in your soul.

-Tiger Eye Protects and balances the aura by absorbing negative energy.



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