• Labradorite Palm stone are the perfect tool for when you need to access the energy present in a particular stone at a moment’s notice. They are just the right size to fit nicely in your hand and lie comfortably on your body. This beautiful Palm Stone carries all of the healing properties found within the crystal so that you can enjoy them anywhere, any time.
  • A smoother oval palm stone is a type of palm stone that is used for healing. Oval stones are known to have an even distribution of metal across the surface of the stone. These oval palm stones are polished to a fine shine and are designed to be light in weight.
  • Designed to fit into the palm of your hand, Palm Stones are an attractive and useful addition for any metaphysical practitioner. These polished oval-shaped stones can be used for crystal healing and meditation, as well as for other esoteric healing practices.
  • Products Size : Length 5-6 cm x Width 3-4 cm x Height 1-2 cm (Approx.)| Weight : 50-100 gm(Approx.)
  • Are you worried about your family’s health, work pressure. Let the positive energy flow from this palm stone to ease your mind and body. Palm stone brings good fortune, happiness and peace. It’s also a perfect and meaningful gift for your family, friends and yourself on thanksgiving day, new year. Let your family feel the warmth of its natural healing energy.
  • Every stone is unique, therefore there will be small variations in color, pattern and surface textures on each one. Every stone is natural and therefore varies, so your piece will look slightly different to the one photographed.


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