Lapis  is an amazingly powerful stone for spiritual growth and spiritual health. The Lapis Lazuli Stone will help you to connect with the angels and spirit guides so that you can receive guidance upon your life journey. It will also help you to open your third eye so that you are open to receiving this guidance, you will then be able to use this guidance to make decisions in your waking life which will positively impact your future.

This product is a perfect gift on the occasions of house warming parties, religious festivals(like Diwali) and other traditional gifts events like Christmas day.

Lapis cleanses the energy of your home by elevating the vibe. Scatter them throughout a room to create beautiful decor. Place it on your work-from-home desk, or tuck it into a pocket when you’re working from anywhere else.

Natural Crystal Lapis Lazuli Tumble Stone : Weight : 50 Grams.


  • Boost immune system
  • Purify Blood circulation
  • Relieves migraine
  • Clean  respiratory system
  • Connect one with self spirit
  • Secure one from depression

How to use Lapis:

  • Set the Lapis under the moonlight 
  • Rub the stone between your palm
  • Meditate and Focus on what do you want to attain
  • Transmit positive energy directly to you.
  • Place these tumbles under your pillow to keep the intention intact.


Lapis is the natural birthstone for people with the Virgo and Libra.



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