The Rose Crystal Obelisk possesses spiritual powers. The heart is opened to self-love, friendship, compassion, inner healing, and peace. In times of distress, this obelisk will provide comfort and you won’t even know! All these powers are slumbered in this beautifully carved rose crystal obelisk. It is designed as per the latest styles so that it also brings aesthetic beauty to your home.

The Rose Crystal Obelisk is filled with the self-love, friendship, compassion and inner healing powers of the rose crystal. The powers will provide you comfort when life throws its lemons at you. This beautiful obelisk is hand-crafted to give you a truly artistic look and feel. Top it off with the latest style and design that bring more aesthetics to your home. Best of all, it makes a meaningful gift for your loved ones!

This beautiful rose quartz obelisk is said to possess special spiritual powers. The obelisk can open the heart to self-love, compassion, inner healing, and friendship. By placing it in your space you will feel instantly at ease and comforted. It also makes a wonderful gifting option for your loved ones!

This wand for reiki healing, crystal healing, Fangshui, Vastu chakra, Meditation, Numerology, Tarot and Astrology.


This beautiful rose quartz obelisk is a healing point energy generator. It can help protect your home or sacred space from the negative energy that can accumulate over time. Use this unique piece to promote positivity and good health to yourself and those around you.


Rose quartz is a very useful gemstone for studying, taking exams and when doing business. Unlike the other Quartz stones, Rose Quartz is often used without the aid of other crystals for its energy benefits.


Natural Rose quartz Stone Tower / Pencil / Obelisks Size 60-65 mm (Approx)





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