Opal is a silicate stone that is white in colour and prized for its exquisite “display of hues.” The word “opal” is believed to have originated from the Sanskrit “upala,” which means “precious stone,” and its Greek derivation, “Opallios,” which means “to see a change of colour.”

Opal is found all over the world (Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, and the western United States), but Australia is the world’s largest producer of precious opal and the official national gemstone of Australia.

Both opal and pink tourmaline are the birthstones for the month of October. It is also the stone presented to mark a couple’s 14th wedding anniversary. We provide a variety of opal stones at Lineology that might be really helpful to you.

Product Details:

Natural certified pear shape ruby weighing 1 carat.

Shape: Oval

Gemstone: Sapphire

Colour: Rainbow Opal

Composition: Natural

Origin: Australia

Weight: 0

Stone Weight: 0.2g

Silver Weight: 3.73g

Birthstone: October

Benefits of Opal Ring:

Opal facilitates living a life of luxury. It promotes prosperity and helps one build a solid reputation in society. Businesses related to travel, tourism, and import-export are said to prosper there. It is also thought to help resolve legal disputes and debts.

  • Promotes marital joy and aids in resolving marital conflicts.
  • Allows one to relax and find peace with the past.
  • It reduces nightmares and promotes restful sleep for the wearer.
  • It helps with digestion and acidity issues in the stomach and intestines.
  • It is said to improve a person’s artistic and creative ability.
  • It helps one develop their potential and gain self-confidence.

How to Care the Opal Ring?

Solid opal should be gently cleaned using a gentle toothbrush or cloth, warm water, and a moderate detergent. Avoid using cleansers, chemicals, and bleach. Triplets and doublets can be cleaned with a soft, moist cloth and a little detergent, but they should never be submerged or saturated.


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