The word “opal” is believed to have originated from the Sanskrit “upala,” which means “precious stone,” and its Greek derivation, “Opallios,” which means “to see a change of colour.”

Although opal is found all over the world (including Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, and the western United States), Australia is the country’s official national gemstone and the country that produces 95% of the precious variety.

Both opal and pink tourmaline are the birthstones for the month of October. It is also the stone presented to mark a couple’s 14th wedding anniversary.

Anyone with a Venus Mahadasha or Antardasha (Shukra) in their horoscope is strongly advised to wear an opal. Tula (Libra) and Vrishabha (Taurus) rashi are given Opal ratna according to Indian astrology.

Product Details:

Elegant gold opal solitaire ring with a split shank style. The round opal that is placed in prongs also offers a brilliant view.

Gemstone: Zicron

Colour: White

Shape: Oval

Origin: Australia

Weight: 1.5 carat

Stone weight: 0.3 g

Silver weight: 3 g

Birthstone: October

Benefits of Opal Ring:

Opals have also been believed to have tremendous physical benefits, including the treatment of fevers and infections among many other conditions.

  • Aids in blood and kidney purification, controls insulin, facilitates delivery, and lessens PMS.
  • It boosts immunity and makes the body more resistant to infection.
  • Cure eyes related problems and keeps it healthy.
  • Helps one find pleasure, love, luck, and optimism.
  • Brings stability to a struggling marriage.
  • It offers allure, beauty, and economic development.
  • It clears out confusion and unstable thinking.

How to care the Opal Ring?

Opal is a delicate and soft stone with a hardness range of 5.5 to 6.5. It is risky to submerge opals in liquids other than water if they are relatively porous. Opals of high quality are clear, not milky. Therefore, it is advised that solid opal be cleaned delicately using a moderate detergent in warm water and a soft toothbrush or cloth.




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