Peridot Pear Shape Ring In Green Colour (2.9 Gram)


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A semi-precious stone with a green hue, peridot belongs to the mineral family olivine. The mineral Olivine has a green gem variation called peridot. In Vedic astrology, peridot is connected to the planet Mercury. Wearers replace Emerald with it. Jewellery also makes great use of it.

Peridot deposits can currently be found in China, Myanmar, Pakistan, Tanzania, Vietnam, and the United States, among other places.

The peridot best works when worn on the small finger. Peridot is an August birthstone and a symbol for Leo zodiac.

Product Details:

Pear-shaped peridot with an edge-fixed silver stone. The peridot’s gorgeous green colour provides the ring a striking appearance and a classy feel. A perfect gift for your love ones.

Gemstone: Sapphire

Color: Green

Shape: Pear

Origin: Arizona

Weight: 2 carats

Silver Weight: 2.9 g

Stone Weight: 0.4g

Birthstone: August

Benefits of Peridot Ring:

The uncanny ability of this amiable stone to be bright green inspires eloquence and inventiveness, as well as joy and goodwill. Peridot stone is said to have many astrological benefits.

  • Used for Chakra healing and balancing.
  • Provide the intellect with reviving energies while also renewing the body.
  • Peridot’s healing qualities play a significant role in mending relationships, and strengthening it aids in discovering one’s life’s purpose.
  • The stone peridot regulates and soothes the heart and emotions.
  • Aids in facilitating a smooth transition through change and transformation.
  • Attracts a lot of positive energy, including love, money, chances, success, and happiness.
  • People who experience nightmares and find it difficult to fall asleep soundly can benefit from peridot.

How to clean the peridot ring?

Ultrasonic and steam cleaning are not advised because peridot is not a very tough gem. Abstain from extended exposure to strong acids, high temperatures, and heat waves. The best way to clean peridot jewellery is with warm, sudsy water and a tightly woven microfiber cloth or other soft fabric.


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