Experience the heavenly aroma of our Premium Dhoop Cup. Rejuvenate your mind and body with this natural blissful aromatherapy. Use our fragrances to cleanse your space, eliminate odors and create a relaxing ambiance. 

The best way to spread positivity and purify your surroundings is with Sambrani. Our products are nature-friendly, environment-friendly, eco-friendly and its scent is pure, soothing and elevating. 

Sambrani Cup Are Effective And Creates An Aura That You Feel An Intensity While Meditation, Yoga And Prayer

Package Content :50 Pcs Premium Dhoop Cup In Box With Long Lasting Fragrance (1 Cup Lasts For Approx. 30 Minutes) Perfect For Home Use, Wedding Parties, Photo Shoots, Receptions And Other Occasions

Item Dimensions: 40 x 50 x 20 Millimeters

Do You know what Sambrani is?

  • Beautiful Fragrance
  • Good For Babies
  • Good For Hair
  • Calm you down


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