Rainbow Ring Moonstone (2.28Gram)


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An exquisite bluish-white gemstone belonging to the feldspar mineral family by the name of Rainbow Moonstone because of its extraordinary aesthetic characteristics. The milky rainbow moonstone has a peaceful and unwinding vibe. It is iridescent and renowned for its flashes of colour. The crystals might be milky white or have a black-and-white marbled pattern.

Deposits of rainbow moonstone are most frequently discovered in Australia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, India, and Mexico.

The birthstone for June is moonstone.

Product Details:

Oval shape moonstone with silver accents embellished with a claw-set round moonstone within a scalloped frame. Looks both elegant and bizarre. The shoulders and surrounding silver details sparkle eternally.

Gemstone: Rainbow Moonstone

Shape: Oval

Colour: White

Origin: Sri Lanka

Weight: 1 carat

Stone Weight: 0.2g

Silver Weight: 2.28g

Birthstone: June

Benefits of Rainbow Moonstone:

The visionary’s stone is a common moniker for moonstone. It makes things easier to see for us. Apart from that, it offers other advantages, including,

  • Offer harmony, balance, and hope while fostering imagination, bravery, endurance, and inner assurance.
  • Provide us with visions of things that aren’t immediately obvious, which helps to develop intuition and psychic sense.
  • Inspirations that change our lives can occur more frequently when we wear rainbow moonstone.
  • Moonstone aids in the development of the soul.
  • Promotes inner serenity, harmony, and self-healing.
  • Moonstone boosts your confidence and offers you the power to deal with challenges.
  • Relieves menstruation discomfort and lowers obesity.
  • Assists in calming the aggressive side.

How to care your Moonstone Ring?

Moonstones are delicate, like other gemstones, and need to be handled with care. Simply wash with warm (not hot) water and a light soap to clean. If required, you might even use a soft-bristled brush. Then, just dry with a gentle cloth.











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