Ruby is a red-colored precious astrological gemstone related with the Leo sun planets. It is also known as ‘Manik Gemstone’ in Hindi. In Vedic astrology Rubies are recommended for success and expansion in businesses, occupations, social position, authority, and self-confidence.

The first rubies were discovered in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, in the Mogok region. Ruby stones can help people who are experiencing losses in their businesses or other fields of endeavor.

Ruby is a July birthstone.

Product Details:

These three stone rings are made of white silver and is as beautiful as it appears. It has three circular rubies set on a lustrous shank that shows off the lovely red color. A beautiful Silver ring with a 3-carat natural red ruby.

Gemstone: Cardinal gems

Shape: Oval cut

Color: Red

Composition: Natural

Origin: Myanmar

Weight: 3 carats

Stone Weight: 0.60 g

Silver Weight: 2.79 g

Birthstone: July


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Benefits of Ruby ring: 

  • The stone is linked to the Manipura Chakra, which is located in the body’s navel. Wearing this gemstone opens this chakra, instils a sense of responsibility in the person. It’s a powerful gemstone that can make a huge difference in the wearer’s life.
  • The capacity to relieve strain from your relationship with your father is one of the astrological benefits of wearing a ruby stone. If you are experiencing a weakened relationship with your parents, purchasing a ruby ring, pendant, or bracelet will help to restore the warmth.
  • Whatever career you choose, ruby stone will help you earn recognition and fame in that sector. This gemstone aids the user in achieving not only success, but also renown and recognition in their chosen profession.
  • Many astrologers believe that wearing the Manikya stone improves one’s financial situation, which leads to a more imperial and opulent lifestyle.
  • The ruby gemstone also protects the wearer from evil spirits and terrible dreams. If you’re having a lot of nightmares or sense a lot of negative energy about you, go to an astrologer to choose the correct ruby stone online.
  • To avail the benefits of the ruby stone you can consult our experts at Lineology for the right size, color or shape of the ring.


Caring the Ruby ring:

Clean your ruby at home with a mixture of mild soap and warm water to keep it shining. Scrub the filth away gently with a soft toothbrush. Wipe with a lint-free towel after rinsing with warm water. Cleaning rubies with an ultrasonic or steam cleaner is generally safe.

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