Ruby Silver Ring(2.7Gram)


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Ruby, often referred to as “Manik Gemstone” in Hindi, is a beautiful red stone that is connected to Leo’s sun and planets. The Latin word “ruber,” which meaning red, is the source of the English term “ruby.”

Rubies are regarded as a gemstone that incorporates a lot of emotion because they have historically been appreciated by people in positions of authority as well as by people in love.

Some of the world’s finest rubies are said to be produced in Myanmar. Ruby stones are also produced in Australia, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Brazil, Namibia, India, Japan, and other nations.

Product Details:

The stunning solitaire ring’s centerpiece is an oval-cut ruby. Shiny diamonds flank the ruby’s crimson red central stone, highlighting its vivid red colour.

Gemstone: Sapphire

Colour: Red

Shape: Oval

Origin: Myanmar

Weight: 1.5 carats

Stone Weight: 0.3g

Silver Weight: 2.7g

Birthstone: July

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Ruby Stone Benefits:

Rubies have always been associated with wealth, power, and regal status. It was believed that wearing rubies would safeguard one’s assets as well as one’s own health and well-being. Ruby is believed to have many healing properties,

  • Ruby is a stone of love and passion, and it is said that rubies can encourage people who are shy to open out.
  • Boost strength and energy.
  • Ruby improves interpersonal connections.
  • Ensures mental tranquilly and emotional recovery.
  • The manik gemstone conveys the concepts of fame, achievement, and optimism.
  • Ruby stone has a profound effect on the human navel chakra, energising the entire bodily system.

How to clean the ruby ring?

Clean your ruby at home with a solution of mild soap and warm water to keep its lustre. To remove the grime, gently scrape it with a soft toothbrush. Wipe with a lint-free towel after rinsing with warm water. Using a steam or ultrasonic cleaner to clean rubies is typically safe.


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