Rutile, also known as Red Schorl throughout history, is a rare titanium oxide mineral that crystallises as grains, masses, prismatic crystals, and long needle-like crystals. A stunning stone with a variety of designs, also energy-filled. As they revive the body, the glowing dazzling strands of light replenish your energy. Due to its ability to arouse love and inventiveness, this gemstone is sometimes referred to as “Venus’s hair.”

Rutile is a birthstone for people born on April. People who were born under the sun sign, which is ruled by the planet Sun, are said to profit greatly by wearing a golden rutilated quartz. i.e., Leo, Taurus and Gemini.

Product Details:

Certified natural black Rutile ring weighing 1.5 carats.

Shape: Round

Gemstone: Quartz

Colour: Black

Origin: Norway

Weight: 0.3g

Stone Weight: 1.5g

Silver Weight: 2.59g

Benefits of Rutile Stone:

It is well-known that rutile quartz fosters mental clarity, spiritual creativity, deeper understanding, and directs decisive action.

  • Aids in overcoming obstacles in life and giving one the strength to move forward.
  • The stone not only aids in clearing mental blockages and improves intellectual capacity.
  • Helps attract love and infuse it into relationships in order to keep them stable.
  • Unifies the chakras to keep the environment in equilibrium while balancing them.
  • Helps remove bad feelings and thoughts by infusing a positive aura both within and externally.
  • helps with impotence and infertility as well as chronic illnesses.
  • cures bronchitis and respiratory conditions while igniting and regulating the thyroid.

Caring the Rutile Ring:

Although rutile is a slightly softer mineral than quartz, ranking a 6 on the Mohs scale, it is safely encased within the slightly tougher quartz crystal. You can clean your rutilated quartz with alcohol or soapy water and a soft cloth, but you should avoid using automatic cleaning devices like steam and sonic cleaners.







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