The peridot, which is most famous for its enviable lime-green hue, gets its color from the mineral olivine. The amount and type of iron contained in peridots affects their color. Peridots are composed chemically of iron and magnesium. Peridot was referred to as the “jewel of the Sun” by the ancient Egyptians, who also thought it had extraordinary healing properties.

The Red Sea’s Topazios, a tiny island that is now called Zabargad or St. John’s Island, is where peridots were first discovered. Today, the majority of the peridot supply in the world comes from the San Carlos Apache Reservation in southeast Arizona. The gem can also be found in China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Africa, and Pakistan.

Peridot is known to be an August birthstone those born under the sign of the lion get the color Peridot as their birthstone. The birthstone color of Leo provides resistance to negativity and stress.

Product Details:

The shank of this peridot ring has accents of hidden silver sparkles, milgrain edges, and silver stones. Around the center stone, the prong setting creates a lovely crown-like collet. Around the center stone, the prong setting creates a lovely crown-like collet.

Gemstone: Sapphire

Color: Green

Shape: Round

Origin: Arizona

Weight: 0.8 carats

Silver Weight: 2.32g

Stone Weight: 0.16g

Birthstone: August

Benefits of Peridot stone:

Peridot has frequently been linked to wealth and luck because of how much it resembles the hue of money. The peridot was known as the “jewel of the Sun” by the ancient Egyptians because they thought wearing it shielded the wearer from the dangers of the night.

  • Reduces bleeding, sleeplessness, and respiratory problems.
  • Enhance memory and make labor and delivery easier.
  • Encourage money, love, and pleasure, and provide protection.
  • Aids in the treatment of lungs, breast, intestinal, spleen, and lymph sickness.
  • Reduces negative emotions such as rage, fear, jitteriness, and jealousy.
  • Harmonize emotions and thoughts.
  • Promote excellent health, sound sleep, and harmony in your relationships.

How to clean the Peridot ring?

Ultrasonic and steam cleaning are not advised because peridot is not a very tough gem. Abstain from extended exposure to strong acids, high temperatures, and heat waves. The best way to clean peridot jewelry is with warm, sudsy water and a soft cloth with a finely woven microfiber or similar material.


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