Topaz is frequently linked to various hues like the bright yellow topaz, pink topaz, or even green; it also comes in blue. Fluorine and aluminium make up blue topaz. The only difference between each topaz’s colour and its family members’ is their colour.

December’s birthstone, blue topaz, is occasionally mistaken for zircon and the jewel for 16th wedding anniversaries.

Max Ostro, a British explorer, found the gem’s sources in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and mined them there in 1960. Presently China, the United States, Russia, and Mexico are among the countries that mines topaz.

Product Details:

A natural blue topaz ring weighing 2 carats.

Gemstone: Sapphire

Colour: Blue

Origin: Brazil

Weight: 2 carats

Silver Weight: 0.4 g

Stone Weight: 3.04 g

Birthstone: December

Benefits of Swiss Blue Topaz Ring:

When it comes to issues with the head and throat as well as general health issues, blue topaz is an amazing healer. The calming nature of blue topaz can benefit your body, mind, and spirit.

  • helps people get over their speaking in public phobias.
  • Lessen stress by releasing the tension in your mind, body, and emotions, it helps you to have a joyful and sweet demeanour.
  • Your digestive tract remains healthy and in good working order with the aid of blue topaz.
  • This stone fights against eating disorders including bulimia and anorexia.
  • Additionally, it is proven to improve metabolism and safeguard your nervous system.
  • Encouraged to grow and enlightens, and brings joy, and wisdom.
  • This stone helps attract money and abundance.
  • It aids in easing your worries about romance and relationships.
  • It also aids with emotional harmony.

Caring the Blue Topaz Ring:

Topaz should not be cleaned with steam or ultrasonic. The best way to clean topaz jewellery is with warm, sudsy water and a tightly woven microfiber cloth or other soft fabric.






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