Tanzanite is a blue and violet form of the mineral Zoisite. Tanzanite is a 24th Anniversary gemstone. Tanzanite a blue and violet variant of the mineral zoisite generated by trace quantities of vanadium.

Tanzanite is only discovered in the Simanjiro District of Tanzania’s Manyara Region, in a relatively limited mining location near the Mererani Hills.

Tanzanite, the most recent birthstone, was discovered in 1967, a December birthstone.

Tanzanite is thought to break down negativity and change it into something beneficial. It aids in achieving the ideal balance of personal strength and actualization.

Product Details:

The style of this three-stone Tanzanite silver ring is elegant and luxurious. Attached with two round tanzanite stones and one oval tanzanite stone. The shoulders of this tanzanite ring embellished with brilliant tanzanite stones, adding to its attractiveness.

Gemstone: Sapphire

Color: Blue

Shape: one oval and two round (three stones)

Origin: Tanzania

Weight: 1 carat

Stone Weight: 0.2g

Silver Weight: 3.83g

Birthstone: December

Benefits of Tanzanite Stone:

Apart from its therapeutic effects, it also supports the development of enhanced intuition, consciousness, and insight. There are various alleged advantages of tanzanite stone for both the mind and body.

  • It raises our vibratory rate and psychic acuity, which makes it easier to communicate with higher spiritual planes.
  • Old patterns of illness and karma can be broken with the aid of the transformational stone tanzanite.
  • It provides us with a sense of purpose and inspires us to continue forward, empowering us to use our abilities for the utmost good.
  • Tanzanite helps alleviates ear and eye issues, tanzanite eases throat and pulmonary discomfort.
  • In addition to strengthening the immune system and hastening the healing process after illness, it also detoxifies and regenerates cells and tissues.
  • Spinal issues and illnesses of the reproductive system can both be treated with tanzanite.
  • Tanzanite will help you experience spiritual enlightenment by opening your thirdeye.
  • Anti-surgical and anti-medical side-effect properties of tanzanite.

How to clean the Tanzanite Ring?

The easiest way to keep your Tanzanite clean is with warm, soapy water. Use an old, soft toothbrush or something similar to carefully clean all around it. Make sure to rinse properly because soapy water might dull the stone. A soft cloth can be used to “polish” off smudges like fingerprints.


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