Vastu consultants use the vastu Shakti Chakra as a tool. It is a tool that Vastu Consultants use to indicate 32 Entrances, 16 Directions, and different Devtas located in various locations. The several Devtas that are placed in various places are likewise marked with it.
Contrary to popular belief, Vastu Chakra should actually be taken into account when building a house. This is mostly caused by the fact that all directions are crucial for maintaining the particularly appropriate flow of decent energy.
Additionally, there are five markers for parts that prevent negative entries.

Benefits of Vaastu Shakti Chakra

  • The use of Vastu Shastra enables one to maximize the benefits of different energies.
  • Bring harmony, tranquilly, and financial security to the home.
  • Helps increase good energy and eliminate negative energy.


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