Raksha Bandhan Tales from History and Mythology

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Raksha Bandhan Tales from History and Mythology

Raksha Bandhan 2022 is one of the popular festivals in India. This festival is celebrated to share the sacred bond between the sibling relationship. There are many mythological tales and history for celebrating Rakhi. On this day sister ties a beautiful colorful stone Rahki to her brother on his wrist and wishes for his happiness and good life. In return, the brother promised to protect her sister in her time of need. With the years, Rakhi rituals are also changing – like exchanging gifts or trying rakhi to sister.

What is the Best Time to tie Rakhi?

Raksha Bandhan 2022 date Tithi:

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in Sharvan month or Purnima day. The best muhurat for raksha bandhan is 11th August, Thursday from 10:38 AM to Friday 12th August, 7:05 AM.

Raksha Bandhan rituals are performed during Aprahana or Pradosh time. One should avoid tying rakhi during Bhadra. Most Hindu mythological tales and scripture have suggested that Bhadra is an hour un-auspicious time. One should avoid all the auspicious work during Bhadra.

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Raksha Bandhan Festival? Who celebrated it first?

All this year you are interested in finding the perfect Rakhi band for your brother. And you can see all the stores filled with colorful, glitter rakhi by now.  Here’s a compilation of the mythology story of Raksha Bandhan.

Krishna and Draupadi:

Krishna and Draupadi’s tale is quite famous. How Krishna saved her sister Draupadi by making her sari endless when she was disrobed in public in Dhritarashtra’s court. But how is it related to her bond with Krishna?

The story is set during Makar Sankranti when Krishna cut his little finger while handing sugarcane. His Queen Rukmini sent an official to get bandages, Meanwhile without thinking much Draupadi, tore a part of her sari and tied it around Krishna’s finger and helped him to stop the bleeding. And In return, Krishan promised her to help out whenever she required.

Rani Karnavati and Emperor Humayun:

Kranavati was attacked by Bahadur Shah in Mewar after the death of her husband Rana Sanga. To seek help Karnavati sends rakhi to  King Humaya. Unfortunately, he never made it on time as the Rajput army was defeated in Chittoor. But the queen had already set herself on fire to avoid the indignity of falling in the hands of Bahadur Shah. Shah, however, could not go any further and had to turn away from Chittoor as Mughal military reinforcements arrived soon after. Humayun then restored the kingdom to Karnavati’s son, Vikramjit. Later Humayan restored the kingdom to Kranavati’s on Vikramjit once they arrived and defeated the Bahadur Shah troope.

Interesting Fact: Humayun;s Father Baur had defeated Rana Sanga when he led a war against him in 1527.

Yama and the Yamuna

Yama the lord of death has also been tied to Rakhi by the Yamuna, according to mythological scripture.  The story goes that when the Yamuna tied rakhi to his brother and in return he gifted her with a blessing that whenever a sister will tie rakhi to their brother and in return they will get a boon of eternal life.

Santoshi Maa & Shubh -Labh

Do you know how Maa Santoshi emerged? According to the unknown scripture On an auspicious day, Lord Ganesha’s sister Manasa visits him to tie him a rakhi. On seeing this Ganesha’s son Shubh and Labh insisted on having a sister. To fulfill their demands, Ganesha created goddess Santoshi from the divine flames that are said to have emerged from his consorts Riddhi and Siddhi.

Goddess Laxmi tying the sacred thread to Lord Bali

When Lord Vishnu abodes his consort Goddess Laxmi. She approaches King Bali for Shelter. On the holy month of Shravana, Laxmi ties a thread of coloured cotton on Bali’s wrist and wishes for protection and happiness. In return, Bali fulfilled her desire to meet his husband Lord  Vishnu, and asked him to return to his home.

Gift Your Sibling on Rakhi:

Clear Quartz:  The white crystal is known for amplifying energy. You want your sibling to balance their Chakra. Clear Quartz tumble is a raksha bandhan special gift to improve your sibling’s concentration and memory power.  Pair this stone with a rose quartz pendant for yourself.

Black Obsidian: It is a protective stone from evil eyes. You can give this to protect your brother and help them to get rid of any physical and emotional negativity. It acts as a shield and clears all their emotional blockages. Also black obsidian helps to get clarity and a true sense of self.

Rose Quartz:  Pink help stone always promote self-love and build along effect on the mind. Gifting this to your brother would be a great option. As it helps them to know their self-worth. It enhances connection and helps them to encourage trust, love, and peace.

Jasper:  This crystal empowers your spirit. Help you to relieve stress and protect you from absorbing negative vibes. If you want to build courage and confidence among your siblings.

Citrine: Citrine comes with joy and wonder. It brings happiness to every part of your life.

It helps you to release emotions like fear and doubt. It encourages you to be creative and enhance your mindfulness quality.

Amethyst: This purple stone comes with spiritual wisdom and energy. It promotes strong willpower and helps you to make healthy choices in your life. It aids in sleep and demystifies dreams.

Tiger Eye:  Tiger is said to be a power booster for motivation. This golden and black crystal guides you with balance and harmony. It helps you to make clear and conscious decisions. Good for career aspirations.

Moonstone: Moonstone is one good crystal for new beginnings on the auspicious day of Rakhi gifting this crystal will help him to restart the luck again. His inner growth and strength will be encouraged by this crystal. Moonstone is always known for its soothing effect and for embarking on new ventures.

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