Republic Day Celebrations 2023: Everything You Need to Know

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Republic Day Celebrations 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Republic Day celebrates the adoption of the country’s constitution and its transformation into a republic on January 26, 1950, ending the British Raj. The Republic of India, as defined by its preamble in the 1950 constitution, is the name given to the nation. It is a “sovereign socialist secular democratic republic” that “secures all its citizens justice, liberty, equality, and brotherhood.”
Republic Day is observed on January 26th each year; it falls on a Thursday this year.

Each country demands freedom. Like most other nations, we Indians fought for our freedom. Many brave souls gave their lives in sacrifice for our freedom, including Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Subash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Mangal Pandey, Lala Rajpat Rai, and a large number of others. As a nation, we are today celebrating the 74th Republic Day to honour our independence and freedom fought by those brave souls.

Why is the Republic Day Parade held?

This is one of three national holidays celebrated in India each year. Every year, this day is marked by spectacular military and defence cultural pageantry. A lot of people come to watch this massive military parade held in the capital city of New Delhi, both live and on TV.

The first Republic Day parade was held in 1950, and since then it has become a yearly ritual. The parade marches along the Rajpath, and a number of regiments from the navy, army, and air force march to India Gate with their bands.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed Forces, the President of India, is in charge of the parade. When he raises the tricolor, the national anthem is played, and the military regiments start to march by.

The President honours brave soldiers by awarding them prestigious medals like the Kirti Chakra, Ashok Chakra, Paramvir Chakra, and Vir Chakra. The Ashok Chakra Award 2022 was given to Assistant Sub-inspector Babu Ram, AC (1972–2020) was a Police Officer of the Special Rank, Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police (ASI), for his for his excellence, bravery, conscientiousness, and devotion.

How to Celebrate Republic Day at Home, Work, and School ?

Republic Day celebrations are necessary to show our unity and respect for being a part of a diverse country, whether they take place at an office, a home, or a school.

We are here to save you from struggling to come up with Republic Day celebration ideas.

This blog will address your questions regarding Republic Day activities for students, Republic Day decorations for schools, and suggestions for Republic Day celebrations in the office and at home.

Ideas for Office and Cubicle Decoration :

Your office’s cubicles could be decorated in the spirit of Republic Day. Another possibility is to have a contest to determine who can best decorate their cubicle, with the winner receiving a little reward. an employee-led Republic Day event that requires little to no work and is open to anyone. 

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Wear the Tiranga dress code to celebrate :

Want to crank it up? As a fun Republic Day exercise to rekindle the patriotic spirit, ask everyone to dress in tiranga colors. Don’t forget to inform them in advance to help them prepare and dress nicely.

Organizing a Quiz Contest :

This is a fantastic game plan for employee engagement on Republic Day to increase their knowledge, but make sure to give staff enough time to prepare and avoid making the questions too challenging, which may have an effect on employee participation.

Celebrate singing patriotic songs :

Why not celebrate Republic Day? singing national anthems Making it a karaoke night and letting the staff perform on stage or organising a singing contest between several teams would be entertaining.

Ideas for Classroom Celebrations of Republic Day :

In India, Republic Day is very significant. It is important to celebrate Republic Day activities in school in order to establish and strengthen a sense of patriotism in children from an early age.

Guidelines for Practicing Parades :

The Republic Parade Day should be organized, patriotic, and courteous to create a sense of national pride in kids. Teachers and students marching in the parade express togetherness and bond together as a nation. Ask your students to dress as soldiers, march together, and carry banners or flags that symbolise their love for the country.

How to Organize a Cultural Event at School ?

Organize cultural activities including patriotic song contests, poetry readings, republic day speeches and dance performances. For the Republic Day event, you can encourage students to dress traditionally and dance on stage. Additionally, they could perform a play about the Indian freedom struggle or a republic day drawings about the freedom fighters. These games will create a fun and creative environment in school.

Conclusion : 

Republic Day is celebrated as the day the Indian Constitution was formed. As proud Indians, we pledge to uphold the Constitution and serve the interests of our nation. On this day, several cultural events will take place.

Respecting our military, honouring courageous soldiers, educating children about our struggle for independence through cultural events, and involving them in parades and marches all help to develop patriotism in children at a very young age.

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