Shravan 2022: Shravan Somvar – History, Dates, Rituals, and its Importance

Shravan 2022: Shravan Somvar – History, Dates, Rituals, and its Importance

Starting on July 14th, the blessed month of Shravan mahina 2022 begins. According to Hindu tradition, this month is an auspicious one. This month is wholly dedicated to worshipping Lord Shiva, and every Monday, his followers fast. The first Somwar fast is being held on Krishna Paksha, according to Drik Panchang.

The Importance of Shravan Somvar:

According to its origins, Somwar, also known as Monday, is derived from the Sanskrit term “Soma,” which refers to the Hindu god Chandra, the moon. In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is represented as having a crescent moon perched atop his head. He is also known by the name “Someshwara.” Sawan, on the other hand, means “monsoon season.”

Through prayer, fasting, and temple sacrifices, the entire month is dedicated to worshipping Lord Shiva. To appease Lord Shiva and obtain his blessings, the devotees keep a fast on Monday. There will be four Mondays in the month of Shravan. Devotees in some regions observed Solah Somwar (16 Mondays) from the first Monday of Shravan to the 16th Monday.

Shravan month is important for single women who want to find their ideal life partner, according to Hindu scriptures. It is believed that Lord Shiva bestows prosperity, fortune, and fulfillment of wishes upon individuals who observed Sawan Mondays in the past.

Shravan Somwar Rituals 2022:

  • People are required to rise early (Brahmn Muhurat), take a holy bath, and dress nicely.
  • Somvar Vrat Sawan is highly observe on this month by its devotees.
  • Place Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati idols there while lighting a candle.
  • Offer elaichi, laung, supari, five fruits, white and red flowers, white confections, paan leaves, and Panchamrit (mixture of milk, curd, honey, sugar, and ghee).
  • Along with giving Lord Shiva clothing and Janeu, one must recite the Siva Chalisa and chant the Lord Shiva Aarti. On Rudraksha beads, devotees must recite the Mahamriyunjay mantra 108 times.
  • On Sawan Somvar, people are required to go to the temple and offer abhishekam panchamrit to the Shiva Lingam.

Things one should avoid –

  • Should refrain from eating any Tamsik meals, such as those that contain meat, eggs, onions, and garlic, as well as from smoking and drinking.
  • Fast observation and the avoidance of undesirable habits are advised.

Henna – Henna is an organic dye derived from henna leaves that are used by girls and women to decorate their hands. Henna art has unique designs that are really appealing to look at. Every Hindu event places a high value on the henna. Henna paste represents happiness and success in relationships and marriage.

Reciting Mantra – This is significant from both a scientific and spiritual perspective. The mantras of Lord Shiva can be a stress buster and keep our minds quiet and relaxed while allowing us to sense Lord Shiva’s feelings on the inner and outward self because a whole day of fasting might mentally bother us.

Shravan Mahina Calender 2022 :

Month Date Day
First day of Sawan month 14 July 2022 Thursday
Sawan Somwar Vrat 18 July 2022 Monday
Sawan Somwar Vrat 25 July 2022 Monday
Sawan Somwar Vrat 01 August 2022 Monday
Sawan Somwar Vrat 08 August 2022 Monday
Last day of Sawan month 12 August 2022 Friday


Lore surrounding the month of Shravan :

According to myth and Puranas stories, the Samudra Manthan occurred in the month of Shravan. Halahala appeared when the ocean was being stirred by the Devas and Asuras in an effort to attain the “Amrit” (nectar of immortality). It was a poison that was so lethal that it may have wiped out the universe.

In an effort to preserve the world, Lord Shiva swallowed the poison but kept it from entering his stomach. As a result of the toxin, his neck turned blue. Because of this, he is also known as Neelkanth, the one with the blue neck. It is a mashup of the words “Neel” (Blue) and “Kanta” (Neck).

Lord Shiva has a moon crescent on His head to lessen the impact of the poison. In addition, the gods began bathing Lord Shiva with water from the Ganges, a sacred river.

This is the reason that the Shravan month is regarded as the most sacred for offering holy water to Lord Shiva.

Shravan Ke Mantra :

Mantra for Watering of Shiva Lingam with Panchamrut

Jal Dhaare-Shivam Archet Kailaash Vasate-Dhuvam |

Muchyate-Sarva Baandhamyo-Naatra Karya Vicharnaa ||


Mantra for worshipping Lord Shiva with Bilva Leaves :

Kaashivasi Nivaasi Cha, Kaal Bhairava Poojanam |

Prayaag-Maagh Maase Cha Bilwa-Patram Shivar-apanam ||1||


Darshanam Bilva-Patrasya Sparshanam Paap Nashanam |

Aghor Paap Sanharam Bilwa-Patram Shivar-apanam ||2||


Tridalam Trigunaakaaram Trinetram Va Tridha Yuddham |

Trijanma Paap Sanhaaram Bilwa-Patram Shivar-apanam ||3||


Akhande Bilva Patre-Ashcha Poojaye Shiva Shankaram |

Koti Kanya Mahadaanam Bilwa-Patram Shivar-apanam ||4||


Basic Shiva Mantra for Shravan Maas Puja:

As Lord Shiva is the highest power of the cosmos, one may say any Shiva mantra or simply “Om Namah Shivay” after worshipping him with water and bilva leaves.

Om Namah Shivay, Om Namah Shivay |

Har Har Bhole Namah Shivay |1|

Jataadharaay Shiva Jataadharaay |

Har Har Bhole Namah Shivay |2|

Chandradharaay Shiva Chandradharay |

Har Har Bhole Namah Shivay |3|

Nagendraay Shiva Nagendraay |

Har Har Bhole Namah Shivay |4|

Someshwaraay Shiva Someshwaraay |

Har Har Bhole Namah Shivay |5|

Gangadharaay Shiva Gangadharaay |

Har Har Bhole Namah Shivay |6|

Nandishwaraay Shiva Nandishwaraay |

Har Har Bhole Namah Shivay |7|

Om Namah Shivay, Om Namah Shivay |

Har Har Bhole Namah Shivay |8|

Maha Mritunjay Mantra

The Maha Mritunjay Jaap has the ability to overcome even the direst circumstances in life.

“Om Trayambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam

Urwarukmivbandhanaan Mrityormuksheey Maamritaat”

Through the Maha Mrityunjay Yagna, one can pray to Lord Shiva for alleviation from challenging circumstances in life.










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