The palm’s story; Palmistry and Spiritual Meaning of Palm Colour

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The palm’s story; Palmistry and Spiritual Meaning of Palm Colour


Palms are one of the most important features in identifying a person. A number of personal and professional decisions depend on the palms of an individual. You can tell a lot about someone by observing their palm features. Palm is the part of human body which is easy to be identified. There are many other things that you can learn through palms which include your health, career and relationships etc. 

With the help of the palm lines astrologers define the past and future of the individual person.Just as the lines of our hands keep changing according to our deeds. Similarly, have you ever thought about everyone’s different palm colors? It is a different matter that we never pay attention to this. According to palmistry, whether it is the color of the palm or the lines. Their growth-phenomena can be clearly seen at different times i.e. in Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. Tips have been given to know and understand different colors of the palm can reveal a lot about the personality and fate of an individual in Astrology.

So, lets find out the different personalities of individuals by just looking at their Color of the palm

Significance of Palm Colour :

1 – Pinkish Palm

Starting with the colour pink, you have luck on your side and will become wealthy with little effort if your palm is pink. These people are extremely passionate, active, and have a very optimistic attitude on life. These people are in good physical and mental health as well.

The individuals with pink palms are trustworthy. There will be nice relations with the family as well. They favour spending time with relatives. They attempt to avoid conflicts, avoid from making snap decisions, and ensure that they choose their course of action only after giving it due thought.

2 – Whitish Palm

White palms are a sign of introversion and that you are a frigid person. These people find it difficult to communicate with others. You may have very few friends, which is because you don’t trust people easily, according to palmistry.

They won’t be in a sound financial situation. They frequently wind up taking out loans, which might get them into problems. They have a mystical spirituality. They experience numerous highs and lows in life. But they will receive assistance from one or the other. They favour remaining quiet.

Your anaemia health issue may be the primary cause of your palm’s whiteness.

3 – Bluish Palm

A blue palm signals that you have a cardiac problem that is underlying. Although you have a very dependent nature and are depressed, you tend to keep to yourself with other people.

Bluish palms indicate slow blood flow within the body of the native. The native could be a slow person. When the palm is blue, the person is more preoccupied with serious problems and mental tension. The person won’t be able to live a happy life and won’t be able to work as much as they want.

 Your health problems could include shortness of breath, chest pain, and poor blood circulation.

4- Yellowish Palm

A person’s condition is not good if their hands are yellow in colour. It also displays a lack of luck. Health-wise, the guy with the yellow palm is weaker. Yellow hands might sometimes be interpreted as signs of illnesses including anaemia and blood deficiency. This might make the individual lazy. 

They avoid going to work since they are not in the mood to work. In a similar vein, it is unlucky if a person’s palm is yellow in colour. The colour yellow denotes weakness. There is a strong risk for many illnesses.

According to palmistry, you can have issues with your liver.

You’re a very depressed person who sometimes shows negativity as well. Yellow-palmed people tend to find something wrong with everything around them. They boldly and immediately point out other people’s mistakes. 

5- Black Palm

If you have a black palm, money can be a very serious problem. When it comes to money, you frequently run across problems. You may have experienced several heartbreaks throughout your life and will continually battle for success. 

A life full of struggle is predicted if the palm is blackish. This state suggests negativity. In life, conflicts will arise frequently. It’s possible that the person will never be able to relax. He or she might also struggle with a variety of health issues. The individual will struggle to get along with others and have a tendency for physical fights.

According to palmistry, these people may also have stomach problems, hypertension, or anaemia.

6 – Reddish Palm

Your red palm colour indicates that you’re an extremely energetic individual. People are constantly feeling good around you because of your positive energy. However, there is another drawback to your personality, which is that you have a very short temper and lose tolerance quickly—like, in a matter of seconds.

Your palm’s color predicts these aspects of your nature, behavior, and future, according to palmistry. If you’re interested in learning more about palmistry, you should speak with a professional to have a clearer idea of what your future holds given the characteristics of your palm.

A person’s palm color does not have to be constant throughout time. The color of a person’s palms can often be utilized as a beginning point to see if their health is improving. The color of a person’s hands will change if their body’s blood circulation is inadequate or if they experience any other form of harm.

Make sure to pay attention to any changes in the color of your hands. If we keep these factors in mind, the scenario can go our way on a number of instances. According to palmistry, pink palms are the best for human nature and health out of all the different palm colors.

How can you benefit from healing crystals?

We put together an extensive summary of some of the most popular palmstone crystals to assist you to improve palm health.

Palm stones can be used in a number of ways. We have a wide selection of top-notch palm stones in our online store .There  are a few of the top uses for palm stones:

Best Uses for Palm Stones:

One of the simplest methods for utilizing the energies of our preferred crystals is by using palm stones. The energy of the crystal and our being are strongly connected when we hold a palm stone in our hands. We can experience peace and calm just by holding a palm stone.

Healing crystals for palm health:

Clear quartz:

It is a crystal that is believed to be a great healer and to support the body’s complete energetic system.

Red Jasper:

It is a calming stone that is reputed to be supportive in stressful situations.

Amethyst Palmstone:

It is used to improve willpower and for healing.


It is to increase blood flow and help  blood-related conditions

Healing crystals for wealth

Tiger’s eye:

It is claimed to boost focus and reduce fear.


It is helpful to increase enthusiasm, creativity, and focus.

Healing crystals for love

Rose quartz palmstone:

Sometimes known as the “stone of love,” rose quartz is thought to promote trust and love.


It  is helpful to promote feelings of inner power and growth.


 It  is helpful to encourage sensuality and sexuality

Palm stones can be used for a variety of things, such as meditation, relaxation, energy boosting, and protection. The energy of a palm stone is strongly connected to your energy field or aura when it is held in your hand. You may easily carry them in your pocket or handbag due to their oval or circular shape so that you have them with you all day.

There are several applications for palm stones; we’ve compiled a list of the most popular and successful ones. The ones that fit your lifestyle are the ones you can decide to incorporate. To make it simple for you to choose the perfect stones for your needs, Lineology also suggests a few palm stones for each category.. Lineology have a wide selection of top-notch palm stones in our online store .

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