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Planetary Transit 2023_Lineology

Planetary Transit 2023: Know What Your Zodiac Sign Says

Planetary science has long been an enthralling subject. Astrologers believe the planets in our solar system have an impact on our lives and are connected with certain characteristics and energy. The planets are seen as symbolic representations of various aspects of our life. So, what exactly does planetary transit mean? In Vedic...

Vedic Astrology_lineology

Is Vedic Astrology effective? What are the Astrological Relationship Remedies?

Vedic astrology is something that most of us are familiar with. But are you aware that it isn't based on any Western science? It is, in fact, the current moniker for Indian astrology. The Vedic astrology method was created by sages in Vedic writings in ancient India between 1500 and 2000...