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Vastu Shakti Chakra

What is Vastu Shakti Chakra? The Benefits of Shakti Chakra

An ancient Indian science known as vastu chakra guarantees that buildings are constructed and designed in accordance with the presiding deity of the energy of the direction and are routinely energized to remove harmful elements, impede harmful energies, and boost beneficial energies in the home. This fundamental principle of vastu shastra,...

Holi festival_Lineology

Holi 2023: All You Need to Know, the Astrological Benefits of Holi

Spring has just begun, and there is excitement in the air. The vibrant holi colours and smells of festive surrounds, giving the ambiance of a lively feeling. The most predominant and one’s of India’s most fun exiting festival is here. So, Holi 2023 kab hai? Holi 2023, starts at 8th March, this...

What is Vastu Shastra?_Lineology

What is Vastu Shastra? Its Importance, Effects and Remedies

Vastu Shastra is the classical science of architecture, as its name implies, and it explains the significance of any object (vastu), including its direction, arrangement, and alignment. In simpler terms, one could argue that Vastu Shastra plays a significant part in enhancing our lives by enabling us to construct our houses,...