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Buddha Purnima 2023: The Significance of the Day

What is Buddha Purnima? Buddha Purnima also known as Vesak or Buddha Jayanti is considered to be the most important day for the Buddhists. It is a day that celebrates Gautama Buddha's birth, enlightenment, and death. When is Buddha Purnima? Budh Purnima falls on the 5th of May this year; it is observed...

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What is Reiki Healing and its effects?

What is Reiki healing? Reiki healing is a form of energy that helps you to attain balance within your chakra. It is a traditional form of practice evolved by Master Mikio Usui about 2500 years ago. Reiki practitioners used different methods to perform reiki healing. Reiki is popular for its principle of...

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Unique Precious Stones to gift this Mother’s Day

Mothers are real life queens without crowns. She strives to give you the best. With Mother's day approaching quickly there's only a week left to find her the ideal gift. Moms are unique individuals who deserve to be adored and indulged. Every day of the year should be commemorated, but...