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Advantages and Uses of Green Aventurine_Lineology

What is Green Aventurine? Advantages and Uses of Aventurine Stone

Green Aventurine stone ( मरगज )is a type of translucent quartz stone and receives its green hue from a concentration of fuchsite inclusions. Aventurescence, a shimmering or gleaming appearance, is produced by these inclusions in the stone. When the stone is polished or tumbled, this appearance is very apparent. Although it...

Green Aventurine_Lineology

Green Aventurine: Meaning, Properties and Benefits

Many people appreciate the captivating, glittery appearance of Aventurine, a crystal that catches the eye. Aventurine gets its distinctive green tone, which is extremely uncommon among quartz variants, from the mineral Fuchsite. Green Aventurine is referred to as the "Stone of Opportunity" and is considered to be the luckiest crystal, particularly...