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Guru Purnima_Lineology

Guru Purnima 2023: Celebrating the Sacred Bond Between Guru and Disciple

Guru Purnima is a holy festival that is observed in India and several other countries like Nepal, Bhutan to pay respect and show appreciation for spiritual guides, mentors, and gurus. The word "Guru Purnima" comes from the Sanskrit language, where "guru" stands for "teacher" or "guide," and "purnima" is used...

Sharpit Dosha _Lineology

What does Sharpit Dosha Mean? Its Significance and How it Affects Your Kundli

What is Shrapit Dosh (Shrapit Yoga)? A person who has been cursed because of its sins committed in a previous life is known as a shrapit dosh, which is from the Sanskrit word ‘shrapit’, which denotes someone who has been cursed. It is a negative energy prevalent in your horoscope. It occurs...

Hanuman jayanti_Lineology

Hanuman Janmotsav 2023: What is Hanuman Jayanti? Importance and Cultural Traditions

Hanuman Jayanti, is a festival entirely devoted to Lord Hanuman, it is a celebration of his birthday. The festival is either held on Chaitra month (April-May) or Vaisakhi month (May-June). This day is observed with great zeal and excitement in different parts of the country and on this auspicious day,...