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Smokey Quartz

What is Smokey Quartz? Its Significance, Uses, and Healing Properties

What is Smoky Quartz? Smokey Quartz stone meaning symbolizes stability and grounding and hence know as a grounding stone. One of the most well-liked gemstones, smoky quartz, is a form of crystalline quartz comes in a range of hues. It is an irradiated variety of quartz that gives the stone its brownish...

Advantages and Uses of Green Aventurine_Lineology

What is Green Aventurine? Advantages and Uses of Aventurine Stone

Green Aventurine stone ( मरगज )is a type of translucent quartz stone and receives its green hue from a concentration of fuchsite inclusions. Aventurescence, a shimmering or gleaming appearance, is produced by these inclusions in the stone. When the stone is polished or tumbled, this appearance is very apparent. Although it...


Howlite Crystal: Its Meaning, Benefits and Uses

Howlite is a stunning white stone that symbolizes spiritual traits like gentleness, calm, and open-mindedness. It is named after Henry How, a physicist who discovered deposits of the crystal in Nova Scotia and introduced it to academia in 1868. Borate Howlite is a mineral with a monoclinic structure with irregular nodules....