The Dragon House: Spiritual Feng Shui and Dragon Symbolism


The Dragon House: Spiritual Feng Shui and Dragon Symbolism

Dragons have been depicted in writings and movies. We have all for once fantasized about having a dragon as a pet. Let’s say that you are allowed to own a dragon. We’re referring to the fengshui dragon.

The mythological dragon is one of the most well-known fengshui symbols and is a mythical creature that stands for luck, success, and plenty of wealth. Dragon iconography can be found on a wide variety of traditional Chinese art objects, including vases, paintings, fabrics, and sculpture. From describing mountainous terrain to wearing a dragon amulet the size of a penny, fengshui uses the dragon emblem on both great and tiny scales.

Surprisingly, Feng Shui corresponds with the astrological principles of luck charms. The Feng Shui dragon is regarded as one of the most potent Feng Shui objects among many others. The Feng Shui dragon will, however, only provide benefits if you keep it facing the appropriate way and adhere to all the guidelines.

Feng Shui Dragon Meaning and Symbolism:

The renowned dragon is the sole legendary animal in the Chinese Zodiac and is ranked fourth, after the rabbit and before the snake. According to the legend, the dragon easily could have won the race, but it paused along the route to blow a beneficial wind to aid the rabbit cross the river on a floating branch. Then the dragon made a detour and summoned rain to hydrate the soil and save a community that was suffering from a drought.

As a result, the dragon is the one who creates rain and ushers in winds of transformation that bring about enormous fortune and wealth. In Asian culture, the dragon is highly revered.

In feng shui, dragon is associated with the earth element and the east direction, which is where the sun rises. The dragon is portrayed as a four-legged bearded snake. In contrast to the phoenix, which represents yin (feminine) energy, the dragon represents yang (masculine) energy. The two are also a representation of the imperial family: the dragon stands for the emperor, while the phoenix is associated with the empress’ vigour. They are two of the four celestial creatures of feng shui, together with the tortoise and the tiger. You may cultivate the yang elements of your home’s feng shui by working with the dragon.

Dragon Feng Shui:

Advantages and the Right Approach:

Surprisingly, fengshui follows the patterns of astrological lucky objects. The fengshui dragon is regarded as being among the most potent fengshui objects. However, in order for you to profit, you must maintain the dragon moving in the right direction and abide by its rules.

If you believe in the power of fengshui, you should be aware of the advantages of keeping a fengshui dragon statue in your home as well as how to position it correctly. Most people believe that a fengshui dragon can be placed anywhere in the home, however you might be seriously mistaken. Keep away from spaces with minimal energy, like the bathroom, garage, or cabinets.

  • A fengshui dragon should always be placed facing east.
  • The dragon should face the interior of the house when it is installed inside.
  • It should be placed such that its claws never face any of the house’s windows or doors.
  • Make sure the dragon isn’t kept at a height that is higher than your eye level.
  • It’s supposedly unsuitable to overcrowd the house with dragons.
  • Try to choose no more than five dragons for your home.

Advantages of Keeping Dragon Carp Feng Shui at Home

Boost marital bliss:

  • The couple’s marital happiness is thought to be enhanced by a dragon and a phoenix when combined. As it is believed that the fengshui dragon is the symbol of happy marriage.
  • The couple’s sexual chemistry will be strong.
  • The couple will emotionally connect and there will be mutual interest.
  • Fewer conflicts within relationships and greater marital bliss.
  • The fengshui dragon is also renowned for shielding the home’s kids from harmful spirits. Children continue to be intellectually and physically healthy and joyful.

In order to provide luck and power, it is crucial to position the dragon in that direction. The east can be used to place feng shui for greatest effect.

Feng Shui Dragon Colours and Symbolism:

Different dragon colours signify various things. Few to mention,

Red Dragon Feng Shui – Smbolise luck and fortune

White Dragon Feng Shui – Symbolise purity and virtue

Gold Dragon Feng Shui – Symbolise wealth, prosperity, strength, harvest and power.

One of the most powerful elements in feng shui that can bring your health, riches, and happiness is a dragon. Your personal and professional lives will both work out exactly as they should. To gain from it, you only need to adhere to the correct feng shui dragon guidelines.

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