The Tiger Eye Stone: A Mystical Power Source

The Tiger Eye Stone: A Mystical Power Source

Many gemstones are available around the world. Other than adorning jewelry, almost all of these stones can be used as charms, and are worn for their healing or protecting properties. Tiger eye is one such stone, which has unique properties that can be used to both heal as well as protect. Tiger eye is a popular jewellery as well as popular for its healing properties. It has various uses and almost anyone can wear it. It has been used across cultures as a healer. It is also used in astrology for its remedial properties. With several benefits, and no side effects, tiger’s eye or tiger eye continues to be widely used across the world.

As to its composition, tiger eye is formed from a type of quartz, known as chalcedony quartz (a type of igneous rock). It is formed when a layer of quartz comes into contact with a layer of another mineral called crociodolite, commonly known as asbestos. Actually two types of gemstones can be formed when this happens – the blue coloured hawk eye and the honey coloured tiger eye. The tiger eye has a glassy shine, which can be seen when exposed to direct light. A silver toned hue can also be seen in the stone when held under a light, which is described as a “silky” lustre. Tiger eye displays complete opacity and varies in its colour, from golden to dark reddish tones, the most significant being the red, blue and yellow tiger eyes. Tiger iron is another form of tiger eye, which is quite dark in colour, composed mainly of tiger eye, hematite and red jasper.

The History of Tiger Eye Stone – What Does It Mean?

If curious about why this stone is so called, then tiger eye actually looks like a tiger’s eye to justify its name. It is categorized as a chatoyant gemstone. The word “chat” means cat in French and chatoyant gemstones are the type of stones which resemble the cat’s eye (a series of lustrous bands with a sharp twist or deflection at a certain point). So, in Gemology (study of gemstones), chatoyancy, chatoyance or cat’s eye effect is an optical reflectance phenomenon which is seen in many gemstones because of fibrous substances in it, like in tiger eye. It gets its appearance from a parallel intergrowth of the quartz crystals and mineral fibres, which also contain iron ore deposits. The stone is sometimes subjected to gentle heat treatments and nitric acid treatments to improve its colour.

The stone was only discovered in mass in early 1800s in South Africa, which marks as a breakthrough. And the theories on its formation were first given by the German mineralogist Wilbel in 1873. Earlier it was considered as a pseudomorph, or false morphing, which meant that the stone was formed by the process of quartz being embedded in layers of crociodolite. But later the theory was discarded, and it was concluded that tiger eye forms through a series of cracking and sealing episodes. Soon after its discovery, the lapidaries, or people engaged in cutting, polishing and engraving gemstones in Idar-Oberstein (known as the gemstone town, situated in Rhineland, Germany) discovered a way to bleach this stone by using hydrochloric or oxalic acid to get a sharper chatoyancy.

Tiger Eye Stone: Traditional and Modern Use :

Though it is not rare, tiger eye is not evenly distributed across the world, and its deposits are limited chiefly to South Africa and Thailand. In India, China (in Nangang, Hunan Province), Sri Lanka and Myanmmar also deposits of the stone have been found. Some quantities are also located in California, Brazil, West Australia, and in the Hamersely Range of the Pilbara region. So, talking in terms of worldwide distribution, the stone can be said to be rare. Tiger eye is not very expensive, but its price is subject to its distribution and use. But it is popular worldwide, because of its unique properties and beauty.

The gemstone has been in use since ancient times. Because it resembles an eye, it has been believed to ward off the Evil Eye in many cultures. Roman soldiers were known to wear engraved tiger eyes to protect themselves in battles. And because of its chatoyancy, the stone was also believed to be “all-seeing” or psychic in nature. In many traditions, tiger eye amulets were worn to protect people against curses and negative emotions. The ancient Chinese believed it brought good luck. In Eastern folklore, the stone was believed to impart all the properties of a tiger-like personality to its wearer, like strength, courage, power and integrity. The stone was also often used in the past as eye pieces and fitted into the sockets of figures carved from wood, shell or other stones and even gemstones.

Today it has varied uses, ranging from the crafting of decorative artefacts to making utility products. Snuff boxes, obelisks, eggs, cane heads, spheres and many more figures are seen to be carved from tiger eyes. However, the gemstone still continues to be widely used for its supposedly protective qualities and caters to various metaphysical requirements. It is usually available as cabochons, but there are many faceted forms available as well, like spherical beads, crystals, and in many other different shapes that can be fitted into jewelry pieces.

Tiger Eye Stone: Astrological Meaning & Zodiac Interpretation:

Tiger eye has distinctive use in astrology, as it is believed to create a harmony. And it is believed to induce chakra healing, so almost everyone can wear the stone for its benefits. However, issues arise when the ruling planets of tiger eye, which are the Sun and Mars, get in conflict with the ruling planet of the zodiac sign of the wearer. The Sun’s enemies are Saturn and Venus, and Mercury is the enemy of Mars. Thus, people who belong to Libra, Aquarius, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo are advised against wearing the stone, or coming in contact with it. On the other hand, the zodiac signs which are ruled by or complemented by the Sun or Mercury, then wearing tiger eye can be very beneficial for the person belonging to those zodiac signs. So, it is a good option especially for Leonians.

The Most Powerful Chakra Healing Stone:

Wearing the tiger eye is said to aid in chakra healing, especially in the lower chakras. It strengthens the base chakra, the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra. Its work is most active and powerful in the Manipura chakra, which is the third chakra near the solar plexus. The Manipura chakra is associated with one’s self-confidence and self-motivation. It is said to enable a person to trust himself or herself better and feel self-reliant when this chakra is properly balanced. Thus, this stone is prescribed for people who suffer from self-doubts, lack of confidence and lack of courage. It helps people to be live life more boldly and take on risks in all areas of life. This means that a wearer will be able to see obstacles as challenges rather than setbacks. Wearing the stone is useful in maintaining a balance between yin and yang in a person’s life. It also helps a person to realize his or her own need in a relationship.

Since the healing factors in the tiger eye combine both terrestrial and solar elements, its effects are both grounding and inspiring in nature. It is also believed to cure negative emotions, dispels fear and anxiety, and creates positive mental adjustments. And hence a person can move on in life with an utmost positive mindset. It has powers that focus the mind, reenergize the senses, and help in mental clarity and aid in taking decisions objectively without being swayed by emotions. And it is also known to stabilize moods wings and release tensions. In a nutshell, tiger eye is used to heal psychosomatic illnesses. However, if a person is suffering from insomnia and nightmares, the use of tiger eye is advised against. Such a person should at least limit its use; if not completely stop using it, because the energy of the stone is powerful and highly active.

Tiger Eye Stone: Things to Know Before You Buy:

With these many benefits, one may get excited to purchase a tiger eye immediately. But before buying, one first needs to know all about the stone and its uses. There is a correct way of wearing the stone, and if not worn properly, the stone will yield no benefits. First of all, one should consult a professional, like an astrologer or a psychic, someone who is authorized to prescribe stones for healing or remedial purposes. Next, on their advice, one should ascertain what suits their stars or needs and which metal is best suited to be used as a base for the tiger eye to be set into it, and finally in what form the stone should be worn and in which part of the body. Only after determining all these things, should a person give an order for the perfect piece of jewelry to be made from the tiger eye.

  • In general, tiger eye is best worn in silver for maximum astrological benefits. And it is best worn as an ornament. So that it can be kept in bodily contact at all times.
  • It is mostly worn as a ring, but tiger eye can be worn in any piece of jewelry, like in bracelets, necklaces and even earrings.
  • Wearing it as a pendant or necklace can help in controlling the racing heart and also help with overcoming fears and apprehensions.
  • The ornament to incorporate the stone is best determined by a professional according to a person’s needs. However, some people also prefer to keep the stone in cabochon or crystal form in their wallets, bags or pockets.
  • This enables the user to tap into the stone’s energy whenever required. This is advised when going for interviews or when taking up important or difficult conversations.
  • Also, placing the stone in different areas of one’s immediate environment like in homes and offices is highly recommended. In this case, it should be placed in a space where the user can easily catch sight of it, and it is believed that this enables the person to take decisions more objectively related to that particular space.

In short, it is advisable to place the gemstone in a place which requires extra energy. Again, the space should be determined after consulting a professional, who can identify the users, needs best . A free and frank discussion with the professional is mandatory.


Tiger Eye Stone Cleansing and Healing Properties:

Wearing it and placing it right is not the only important thing that should be focused on by a person desirous of reaping maximum benefits from tiger eye.

The stone needs to be cleansed properly as well. It is a water-safe crystal and it is okay to wet it. Usually a brine solution is recommended for its cleaning. The stone should be immersed in the solution overnight. Then in the morning after taking it out, it needs to be washed in fresh water and then placed in the sunlight for two to three hours.

After this it can be reused or re-worn. The cleansing should be done periodically. It is advised once in every three months. Cleansing not only cleans the dirt, but is also believed to replenish its energy.

Now, every gemstone has its uniqueness. As the days of a week are also governed by different planets, it is advisable to start wearing the gemstones on certain days, to extract its benefits and healing qualities. So, if one wants to start wearing tiger eye, it is recommended to start on any Thursday, during the waxing moon, during the Sukla Paksha. Along with taking care of the crystal, choosing the right day is also important.

To conclude, tiger eye is a beautiful semi-precious gemstone which is known for its chatoyancy, and is also known to have beneficial and healing properties. It is widely used worldwide and mostly in astrology. Like every other stone, proper care should be taken in its use and maintenance. It is best to start using the stone on a professional’s recommendation. However, almost every person can reap the benefits of the stone in different areas of life.



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