Top Five Prevailing Myths about Psychic Reading

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Top Five Prevailing Myths about Psychic Reading

Lack of knowledge and awareness leads to confusion and myths. As with every profession, Psychic reading also has numerous myths attached. Due to its supernatural connection, psychic reading has an element of mystery around it.

Most psychic readers use intuition coupled with various tools like Tarot cards, crystal balls, numerology, and astrology to give personal details. Therefore the meaning might be different; the goal is to help you. Let us have a look at some of the common myths around psychics.


Myth 1- Psychics Read Mind

Psychics try and read the energy. A good psychic will sense how you are feeling and what the present state of your energy field is. He or she will pick up what you feel and why you feel so. A true psychic won’t even try to read the mind because it is inside your heart and you know it the best. If a psychic needs some mental information, she will just ask. For example, a psychic may ask you the name of the deceased person or an astrologer might ask you the date of birth with time.


Myth 2- Psychics Should Be Correct Every Time

There is a reason why Lineology is called ‘Psychic Adviser’ and not ‘Psychic Enforcement’. Because whatever information you are getting at the moment is just a peek into your life and not the whole picture. It is only the piece of advice you want to hear at the moment. Your future is not engraved on a stone. You might have endless possibilities ahead. Psychics just help you make better decisions.


Myth 3- Intuition Equals Psychic Abilities

You don’t become a chef if you know how to make noodles. Yes, intuition is important but to be a professional psychic, you need to have a far better skill set. Psychics like many other professions, take training in mystery schools and hone their skills with time. They become proficient in techniques like the crystal ball, cartomancy, etc. It’s a career and merely having intuition is not enough to be a professional Psychic.


Myth 4- Psychics know everything 24/7

Psychics are humans and it is against the order of nature to be ‘ON’ 24/7. It can be a tiresome profession and even psychics need some ‘Me’ time to recharge their batteries. Just like any other profession, there is always a scope to learn and grow.


Myth 5- All Psychics are Mediums

There is a huge difference between psychic readers and psychic mediums. Psychic readers can see the past, present, and future. They travel in the dimension of time. On the other hand, psychic mediums cross the physical world to connect with the world of spirits. They travel to space and require a completely different skill set.

Now that you know what the popular myths about psychic readers are, we are sure you will be careful with the perception you have about psychic readers.


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