Triangle Meaning in Palmistry According to Their Position

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Triangle Meaning in Palmistry According to Their Position

Triangle in the sun’s mount –

Triangle in the sun mount_Lineology


An equilateral triangular shape on the Sun mount is a sign of sincerity in one’s religion and kindness toward others. A person will not succeed in life if the triangle shape is tilted the incorrect way, as a society will continually be critical of them.

Triangle on the moon mounts –

Triangle on the moon mounts_LineologyIf a person’s moon features a triangle, it signifies that they may be able to travel overseas and find success.

Triangle on the top of Venus –

Triangle on the top of Venus_Lineology

The palm of your hand’s Venus mount should show a large, distinct triangle if the person is easygoing, kind, compassionate, and loving. They are capable of living well and setting high expectations. On the other hand, if you have dosha triangles on your palm, you will live a long and dull life.

Triangle in the mount of Mars –

Triangle in the mount of Mars_Lineology

If you have an equilateral triangle on the mount of Mars in your hand, you are brave and persistent. Anyone with this kind of character can handle any situation. The capacity to decide quickly and without hesitation. However, if the triangle is unusable and located on Mars’ mount, the person is viewed as cowardly.

Triangle on the mount of Jupiter –

Triangle on the mount of Jupiter_LineologyThe triangle on Jupiter’s mount indicates that the individual will grasp diplomatic techniques. He constantly works to raise both his regard and performance. However, if the person is arrogant and self-centered the triangle is murky, faulty, and unreliable.

Triangle on the mount of Saturn –

Triangle on the mount of Saturn_Lineology If the middle finger is above the heart line and a continuous triangle is visible on your palm just below Saturn’s peak. If so, it’s clear that you appreciate reading works of classical literature and religious literature. However, the triangle is regarded as being the least reliable and a liar when it is flawed.

Triangle on the Top –

Triangle on the top_LineologyThree triangles in the headline indicate a very intelligent individual with a strong educational background. However, it is seen to be unlucky if the person’s destiny line is a triangle. The person’s efforts will be unsuccessful.

Triangle on the Line of Marriage –

Triangle on the line of marriage_Lineology There is a probability of several hurdles if you observe a triangle along the line that represents the wedding line on your palm. It is uncommon to witness tenderness in marriage.

The triangle between Lifeline and Healthline –The triangle between lifeline and Healthline_Lineology

If the lifelines and health are arranged in a triangle. It suggests that the person has a good possibility of succeeding. However, if these lines are crossed, it is assumed that the person is materialistic and greedy.

Triangle in the Middle of the Palm –

Triangle in the middle of the palm_LineologyYour palm’s regular, huge triangle in the middle predicts good fortune, which suggests you’ll begin a career, make a lot of money, become well-known, and maybe even become a ruler. It also implies that you’ll be fortunate to have a healthy spouse or partner. The triangle on Neptune’s Mount, on the other hand, is an unlucky symbol that denotes the negative effects of living a lonely existence.

Gemstones and Palmistry:

Wearing the Proper Gemstone for Your Astrology Signs and Palmistry: Did you know that in palmistry (reading hands), certain gemstone meanings are related to your hand? Furthermore, wearing particular gemstone rings on your fingers can have remarkable effects like healing, increased energy, clarity, love, etc.

  • Ruby

Color – Reddish

Nature – Hot

Metal to be used – Gold/ Silver

Planet – Sun

Benefits – provides the person with good health, indigestion relief, and headache relief. Should be worn on a ring finger.

Color – yellow, orange, brown. Known as the sunshine stone.

Metal – Yellow Gold

Planet – Jupiter

Benefits – Citrine is commonly used to help people produce financial wealth because it is related to positivism.

Should be worn on the index finger of the right hand.

Color – black, green, blue, pink

Metal – Gold, Panchdhatu

Planet – Venus

Benefits – Tourmaline aids in chakra healing by clearing the aura, removing obstructions, dispersing negative energy, and highlighting specific issues that a person may be carrying. Should be worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

Color – Blue, White, Green, Purple

Metal – Silver

Planet – Moon

Benefits – The moonstone is a stone symbolizing power and inner development. It eases emotional tension and volatility, stabilizes emotions, and promotes serenity.

The little finger of the right hand is adorned with a moonstone (The left Hand for left-handed people and the Right Hand for right-handed people).

These stones are believed to improve Bhagya Rekha, according to astrology. Since ancient times, people have held the extraordinary healing abilities of gemstones in high regard.

Palmistry is not a straightforward discipline that provides precise results as both hands and person evolve over time. We may, however, improve our lives in the right direction and follow up with professionals.

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