Vedic Astrology and Hypnotherapy: Meaning and Usage


Vedic Astrology and Hypnotherapy: Meaning and Usage

Did you know that astrology is a technique that professionals utilize during hypnotherapy sessions? Amazing, isn’t it?

What is Hypnotherapy?

Today’s psycho-nauts, explorers of the human psyche, combine two methods with historical roots-astrology and hypnosis-to support healing and innovative problem-solving. According to Walsh, an evolutionary astrologer and past life regression therapist, astrology is an archetypal language that the soul speaks with ease. “Using such a language to investigate the psyche in such a self-experiential method opens one to wisdom that is both deeper and higher than can be obtained with merely a rational and linear approach,” the author writes.

In this blog we will go in depth on how astrology is use as a tool in hypnotherapy  Services or coaching sessions.

How is Hypnotherapy applied in Astrology?

In hypnotherapy, the natal chart of the patient is frequently used. Experts claim that analysing the natal chart in conjunction with hypnotherapy techniques might reveal areas of tension and opportunities for change that we might not otherwise be aware of. The natal astrology chart of a person has a wealth of knowledge that can be highly beneficial during coaching and therapy sessions. The chart could serve as a sort of road map of the personality strengths and weaknesses that might suggest relevant talks and direction for a fruitful session.

The client’s current problems can be accurately predicted by combining the natal chart with the planetary transits of the day.

The following tendencies could be identified by studying a person’s astrological chart, notwithstanding the fact that there are no guarantees of absolute, unfailing accuracy:

  • basic character
  • way of communication
  • stance on principles of values, money, and spending
  • favourite topics of interest
  • relationships with the parents
  • mental characteristics and responses
  • spiritual orientations
  • relationship with people

Summary of Astronomy Archetypes:

According to astrologer and hypnotist specialists Woodwell, he describes how guided imagery and hypnosis allow a person to automatically enter an altered state. “A traditional method of entering a deeply relaxed state, similar to the transitional period between waking and sleeping, was hypnosis. Shamans and healers from many cultures still employ it today. From there, the mind can explore in ways that conventional, waking consciousness is less capable of doing, and it can even come up with original solutions to problems in life.”

The information below should be used in conjunction with other data and is only intended to be a guide. The analysis takes into account the inner planets, which have a greater impact on a person’s personality.

Sun: The sun represents will, ego, drive, willpower, ambition, and constitution. In a woman’s chart, the relationship between the client and her spouse or father may be indicated by the Sun and Mars.

Moon: Reactions on an emotional level, the subconscious, dreams, imagination, sensitivity, inner personality, inclinations toward romance, addictions, and cycles. The client’s relationship with their mother or wife may be indicated by the Moon and Venus combined in a man’s astrological chart.

Mercury: Communication, thought processes, expression, learning style, memory capabilities, creativity, and trance sensitivity.

Venus: Values, money management, aesthetic appreciation, spiritual and religious impulses, conceit, and the potential for love. The perfect lady in a man’s eyes, as well as how he sees his own “feminine” side.

Mars: dynamism, aggression, professional decisions, sex drive, and activity. A woman’s conception of the ideal male and how she sees her own “masculine” aspect.

Jupiter: Good luck, spiritual tendencies, and expansion.

Neptune: Mysticism, bewilderment, escapism, psychic awareness, and imagination are examples of illusions and delusions.

Uranus: Unusual, unique, upsetting, surprising, and imaginative.

Pluto: Deep revolution and transformation with a cost for the success.

The natal chart of a client can help us better comprehend their point of view. You might build a stronger connection and understand the rationale behind the client’s decision by using this information. If you have the chance to comprehend the client’s chart’s planetary placements, you will come across more favourably.

What difficulties do you encounter? How may deeper difficulties be revealed and resolved using astrology and hypnotherapy?

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