Venus Retrograde in Leo, and How to Thrive with Solutions?

Venus Retrograde in leo_ Lineology

Venus Retrograde in Leo, and How to Thrive with Solutions?

As the emotional and nurturing Cancer season bids farewell, we can all breathe a sigh of relief after what has undoubtedly been an intense and transformative month. Just in time to rejuvenate our spirits, the flamboyant Leo season emerges, showering us with sunshine and empowering self-assurance.

What has Leo season 2023 in store for us? Let’s find out.

As the month of Venus retrograde begins, we find ourselves subject to its cosmological effects. Notably, Venus, the planet of love, will move backward from July 22 – September 3, passing through the fiery and flamboyant zodiac sign, Leo. Breakups and relationship problems may increase at this time due to the current astrology, impacting people of all zodiac signs.

What does Venus Retrograde Mean?

Venus retrograde refers to the backward movement of the planet Venus in its orbit, which can impact matters of love, relationships, and harmony on Earth. All these parts of your life will need to be revised when Venus goes retrograde. Venus encourages us to reexamine the terms of our relationships during a retrograde because retrogrades are about evaluation.

With Venus currently in Leo sign, get ready to witness an unabashed display of our egos as we reevaluate and ponder what holds true value in matters of romantic love and relationships.

Nobody escapes the compelling and transformational powers of Venus retrogrades influence on issues of the heart during this cosmic drama.

How Does Venus Retrograde in Leo Affect Horoscopes?

 Relationships tends to get complicated with Venus retrograde. It’s influences on celestial dynamics of love and relationships can be just as beautiful as it is painful. Leo zodiac sign personality is associated with our heart and ego. As a result, there occurs a cosmic tug of war between the desires of our hearts and the assertiveness of our egos.

The fire sign Leo is known for its passion, inventiveness, and charming sense of humour. Venus in Leo makes a strong protagonist who is unwavering in their opposition to sacrificing their identity in favour of a partnership.

Venus, brings forth a period of tremendous changes . Get ready to showcase your abilities and the genius you possess. Because of their innate leadership abilities, Leos may come off as a little bossy and authoritarian. However, the spirit of playfulness and creativity is at its height during the Leo season, allowing us to openly express ourselves, draw in our deepest emotions, and discover our hidden interests.

Aries :

Give new relationships a chance; forget the old. You might still be holding onto instances of scorn and disdain that triggered a fear response in you. This retrograde teaches you that self – expression matters.

Taurus :                                       

As the retrogrades, takes place in your ruling planet. You may experience some instability in your life, which could impair connections with your partner and family and cause you to feel suffocated.

Open and honest communication, however, may be the key to overcoming these obstacles.

Gemini :

As Venus retrogrades in your third house, dear Geminis, it’s essential to express what’s been lingering on your mind and heart. Reconnect with old relationships and dedicate time to nurture them. There’s a strong possibility that unfinished communication with that special someone is about to resurface and find resolution.

Cancer :

Dear Cancers: As Venus retrogrades in your second house of resources and money, you may notice that you are more in touch with your emotions, particularly those that have to do with financial security. It’s the perfect moment to evaluate your financial status, and make the necessary adjustments to increase your sense of security.

Leo :

Leo, be prepared as these retrograde takes place in your sign, you are likely to face challenge in your self – confidence which will possibly cause an identity crisis. Prepare yourself for a life-changing voyage that can unintentionally change the course of your life.

Virgo :

Venus retrogrades in your 12th house of isolation and introspection, take this opportunity to reflect and establish healthy boundaries. Examine the barriers separating your truest truth from the depths of your being. Make the most of this opportunity to slowly unravel the knots and let your true self shine through.

Libra :

With Venus moving through your house of networking, get ready for numerous opportunities. Venus retrograde will bring a fresh wave of social outreach into your life.  Venus being your ruling planet, you’ll feel its backward tail spin deeply. Embrace this period of new beginnings and make the most of the transformative energy it brings.

Scorpio :

Dear Scorpios, it’s time to take a step back. As a perfectionist, the pressure may be weighing heavily on you. With Venus retrograding in your 10th house of social standing and public image, you might experience a dip in your confidence at work. Focus on personal growth and stay determined; recognition/success will come in due time.

Sagittarius :

As Venus smoothly moves through your ninth house, sparking the flames of creativity and self-expression inside you, exciting news is on the horizon! Prepare yourself for a magnificent voyage where your newly discovered awareness will astound everyone.

Capricorn :

Get ready to go on a journey of self-discovery that will reach the very heart of your existence as Venus performs a mesmerising backward dance through your eighth house. As this retrograde reveals the buried emotions, intimacy, and shared resources inside of you, embrace its potent force.

Aquarius :

As Venus begins a transformational backward journey through your seventh house, love and partnerships take centre stage. Prepare yourself for changes in your approach to relationships that will help you develop deeper, more meaningful connections with people.

Pisces :

Venus is making a reverse turn through your sixth house of routine and wellbeing; fellow Pisces zodiac sign will experience a cosmic shift that will highlight your professional relationships. Let kindness and grace be your compass in tense situations. Adopt a positive outlook, and you’ll see the magic happen!

Conclusion :

As this retrograde season unfolds, challenges may arise in all types of relationships—be it romantic, or professional connections. While it could be challenging, keep in mind that this is a time of testing and transformation. Embrace the journey with courage, for it opens up space for new, better, and healthier relationships to blossom down the line.

Good luck on this transformative path!

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