What is Finger Palmistry? Discover the Significance and Symbolism of Each Finger

Finger Palmistry

What is Finger Palmistry? Discover the Significance and Symbolism of Each Finger

Finger palmistry has been quite a topic. Similar to palm reading, which accurately predicts a person’s personality, character, and future. Finger palmistry is regarded as the third step in palmistry and focuses mainly on matters of the heart or personality.

The length and fingerprint patterns of a person’s fingers also indicate their future in terms of marriage, employment, and other factors. In palmistry, each finger does have unique personality traits that can be used to compare and contrast the distinctiveness of the person. Four specific finger shapes are particularly focused on when reading palms – square, pointed, conic, or spatulated.

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The Significance & Meaning of Each Fingers:

According to palmistry, a person’s fingers are the easiest to read and study. Let’s focus on the four primary finger shapes first.

Square Shape Fingers:

Square Shape Fingers


Square-fingered people typically think carefully and methodically. They have a logical outlook on life. These individuals, however, also lack imagination. They are business-minded, logical, realistic and grounded.

Pointed Shape Fingers:

Pointed Shape Fingers

Individuals with pointed fingers are perceptive and delicate in nature. Sensitive and compassionate. These finger configurations are related to creative types like authors, poets, and daydreamers.

Conic Finger Shapes:

Conic Finger Shapes

Conic fingers are thought to indicate a flexible personality and skill at negotiations. Emotional security is vital for their peace of mind. Conical fingers are a sign of sensitivity.

Spatulated Shape Fingers:

Spatulated Shape Fingers

They tend to be active thinkers and action-oriented individuals. They give off a pleasing vibe. They value reality, adventure, and the great outdoors. They are dedicated workers who have excellent command of a variety of subjects and in-depth understanding of the subject.

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What Each Finger Represents?

Index Finger:

Index Finger

Referred to as (Jupiter’s finger), it represents personal authority. A long well-balanced index finger represents intelligence. But if the ring finger is longer than the middle finger it represents dominance whereas, shorter index finger signify timidity.

The index finger pointing towards the thumb indicates a desire for independence and depicts presence of morbid disposition when pointed towards the middle finger.

Topaz like Sapphire, Opal can be worn on index finger.


Middle Finger:

Middle Finger(Madhyama)

Middle finger (Madhyama) is a finger of Saturn. It is the longest finger and represents a person’s sense of self-control and accountability. If the finger tilts in the direction of the index finger, it denotes positivity. Similarly, if it tilts towards the ring finger, the person has a downcast disposition.

If the finger is in harmony with the other fingers, it signifies a balanced nature. A short middle finger denotes someone who is blatantly frivolous.

Amethyst, Quartz are few gemstones worn on middle finger.


Ring Finger:

Ring Finger

The ring finger (Anamika) is rule by the planet Sun. Long ring fingers are a symbol of accomplished artists. If the finger is short enough to not touch the middle finger’s nail, it indicates that the person has trouble expressing. But, if the ring finger extends past the middle finger’s bottom nail, it indicates that the person has well-balanced emotions.

Gemstones like Moonstone and Jade, Ruby are mostly recommended for this finger.


Little Finger:

Little Finger

The shortest of all fingers (Kanishika), when it is longer than usual, it displays shrewd commercial judgement. When shorter than usual, the person has difficulty talking, writing etc. Whereas, if the little finger bends towards the Apollo finger, it denotes a fusion of business and the arts.

Gemstones like Pearl and Emerald can be worn.



Conclusion :

The study of human behaviours and capabilities in palmistry places a special emphasis on the significance of the fingers. One must pay attention to knots and finger shapes when taking a cursory look at the fingers. When assessing a person’s traits, one should consider the interaction between these two elements.

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