What is Moonstone Meaning? Its Value, Price, and Color


What is Moonstone Meaning? Its Value, Price, and Color

Moonstone benefits are endless. The moonstone contains the energies of the moon. It gives you a clear head to make quick decisions and increases your mental energy. Moonstone helps you to understand your purpose in your life. Connecting you to your inner truth, inner wisdom and higher self. Moonstone Gem is the world’s most popular semi-precious gemstone.

In Indian tradition, moonstone crystals are very common, especially among astrologers that are aware of their metaphysical properties. One of its healing qualities is relationships, especially love and romantic partnerships. If you want to boost love interest in your partners, make sure to give your loved ones a moonstone ring. They make the best moonstone engagement rings too. You can use your moonstone to improve your intuition so that you can see things more clearly and help make better decisions.

 The Magical Properties of Moonstone :

  1.  Moonstone Chakra: Solar Plexus, Third Eye, and Soma.
  2.  Moonstone Planet: Moon
  3. ColoursMoonstone colours range from blue, pink, gray, white(with variants), green, black and opalescent
  4. Origin: Moonstone found in Sri Lanka, Australia and India
  5. Number: Four
  6. Zodiac: Cancer, Rabbit, Scorpio, and Libra
  7. Elements: Earth, Metal and Water

Moonstone Gemstone Meaning(मून स्टोन क्या है)?:

The energy of the moon, which represents the nature of the mother, surrounds you with all the warmth, love, and comfort in the world. Your psychic and intuitive powers will be enhanced by moonstone, which favors various psychic channels and is used by many healers worldwide. Your subconscious is positively influenced by its energies. The following are some of the best qualities of moonstone:

  1. Moonstone enhances empathy and compassion towards oneself and others.
  2. To see things more clearly, it helps to use your intuition.
  3. Moonstone helps activate your feminine intuition and creative energy, which allows you to connect with your true emotions.
  4. It can help in bringing your emotions into harmony and relieve tension.
  5. The moonstone’s serene energy promotes innovation, healing, and motherly protection.
  6. It is said that the moonstone’s glow reflects your aura, giving you valuable insight into your health and other emotional problems.

How are moonstones cleansed and charged?

A crystal or gemstone can be cleansed in a variety of ways. But there are specific steps to take if you wish to cleanse a moonstone crystal. Moonstone has to be cleansed and charged in order to function to their full potential, just like any other item in your home. If it is a Full Moon or New Moon, keeping your moonstone under the moon at night will charge it. Here are some additional procedures I would advise to use:

  1. Spend at least one night soaking the crystal or stone in water with sea salt.(Every cup of water should be salted with around three teaspoons of salt).
  2. Otherwise, you can gently wash the stone in a pure, clear nearby water stream
  3. In case you don’t wish to use salt water to wash your stone, you can use Sage, Palo Santo, or another smudge stick to smudge the moonstone instead of salt to cleanse it.
  4. After cleansing your stone, place it in front of your third eye (located on your forehead) and ask it to grant you wisdom, love, intuition and direction.


Moonstone Crystal Obelisks are excellent for meditation and Reiki healing. It exudes a sense of calmness, concentration, and comfort.

The moonstone crystal sphere will purify your chakras, allowing for clear energy flow and enhanced focus.

Moonstone tumble stones promote empathy and compassion for both oneself and others. It helps to use your intuition to let you see things more clearly.

Moonstone Astrological Benefits:

The moonstone is ruled by the Moon in Vedic astrology. Moon controls our emotions, desires, daily habits, and even our behavior. It captures your feelings and thoughts. Your moon has an impact on the whole development of your personality. Strong imagination, introspection, flexibility, and emotional balance are traits indicated by a strong moon in your birth chart. Any sulkiness, unease, emotional instability, worries, insecurity, or irrationality is defied by a malefic moon. Moonstone has a pleasant energy flow and draws a great deal of positive energy to the wearer.

Moonstone Jewelry For Men and Women:

In various forms, you could wear a moonstone. For ladies, you could wear it as Jewelry. Moonstone Necklace and Moonstone Pendants are very popular among women.

Men can wear Moonstone bracelets and chains. If you are planning to propose to a woman, Moonstone engagement rings are quite popular, especially 925 sterling silver moonstone rings.

High Quality Moonstone Prices:

A person’s life depends on the gemstone in a significant way. We are all aware of how scarce and valuable it is to us. The gemstone is slightly more expensive on the market as a result of this attribute. The moonstone’s price is entirely determined by its adolescence as well as other factors including luster, cut, clarity, and polish.
Which type of stone you choose to purchase depends entirely on your needs. Depending on the product’s size, shape, and quantity, the pricing range can change. So, to obtain the purest moonstones, visit our website, lineology.com, to learn about the original and best moonstone prices.

Difference between Opal and Moonstone:

While moonstone is associated with new beginnings, love, intuition, and personal growth, opal strengthens the drive to live, promotes freedom, and encourages creativity. Moonstone is one of the earth’s most widely spread minerals. Opal, on the other hand, is made when water and silica are combined. But opal is softer and more prone to damage when compared to moonstone.

Moonstone helps to relieve stress and negative emotions as well as it helps calming down the mood.

What are the types of Moonstone?

There are several forms of moonstones. Let’s go through each stone’s specific attributes in detail as they are all unique and have their own characteristics.

Blue Moonstone:

 You can increase your clarity and focus with the aid of blue moonstone. Wearing blue moonstones while meditating will greatly increase your concentration and help you bring greater focus.

White Moonstone:

The common variety of Moonstone crystals is the white moonstone. The white moonstone helps you enhance your psychic vision, and also balances your emotions, especially in men. And in women, It is said that it can activate their kundalini.

Peach/Yellow Moonstone: It relieves the person from all anxiety and stress-related issues.

Rainbow Moonstone: Rainbow Moonstone is also called Labradorite Gemstone. All the properties of Rainbow Moonstone explain it as a Labradorite but due to the exhibition of flashy rainbow colours, it is given the name Rainbow Moonstone. The 7 colours that it emits are considered as its effects on the 7 chakras of our body. It is said that Rainbow moonstone can detect negative energies and convert them into positive ones and gives you a calm sleep and lucid dreaming.

What are Alternative to Moonstone

 Pearl Gemstone:

  1. While moonstone has a 6.0 hardness rating compared to pearls’ 3.0 on the Mohs scale, which makes it a more practical substitute, moonstone has gained popularity and is now frequently used as an alternative to pearls for astrological and ornamental purposes.
  2. Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia produce some of the best pearls.
  3. This gem is said to stand for purity and harmony.
  4. Pearl represents the moon in astrology


  1. Opalite is the first crystal that is similar to moonstone.
  2. This stone resembles moonstone because it radiates the same blue glow that is so strikingly similar to moonstone.
  3. However, the main difference is moonstones can be found naturally in the Earth’s crust, but Opalite is synthetic (naturally not found in nature).


  1. If you’re a fan of the moonstone’s glow and hues of blue, pink, gray, and white then labradorite is a must-have for you.
  2. The glittering light in Labrador comes in a variety of hues, including blue, green, purple, and yellow.
  3. The major difference between these two stones is the intensity of the glow.
  4. This indicates that Labradorite has a glow that is both brighter and more colorful than Moonstone.

Rose Quartz:

  1. Rose Quartz, with its serene pink shading, and moonstone, with its brilliant glow, not only produce stunning scenery but also deeply soothing feelings.
  2. Both Rose Quartz and Moonstone emit calming vibrations that help you achieve a high level of serenity and inner peace while also helping you in letting go of the past and boosting your emotional strength.


Amethyst and Moonstone both of these help in providing your body with uplifting and refreshing sensations of tranquilly, hope, creativity, and increased self-awareness.


These are a few facts and advantages that this stone has, among many other amazing benefits.

Now that we at Lineology have some incredible moonstones in the shape of jewelry, ear rings, bracelets, and more, if you’re thinking about giving someone special something, head over to our website at lineologyglobal.com right away.

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