What is Selenite Crystal: Its Meaning, Benefits, and Overall Advantages

Selenite Crystal

What is Selenite Crystal: Its Meaning, Benefits, and Overall Advantages

What is Selenite?

Selenite is a translucent variant of gypsum and a potently healing natural crystal stone. It contains calcium sulphate mineral that has been crystallized. When freshly extracted, most selenite is translucent.

It has a clay-like feel and is available in light pearly white hues. Selenite means all about clarity and consciousness.

Selenite Meaning :

Selenite, which is literally means the stone of the Moon, was given its name after the Greek moon goddess Selene. The simplicity, purity, piety, and beauty that it represents are all attributes that are always ascribed to it. Much of its essences revolve upon spirituality. It is also known by the name Desert Rose, Maria Glass, and Satin Spar.

Selenite Crystal Benefits :

Selenite is flooded with healing powers and is ever ready to pull you up to higher levels. It has high vibrational qualities, and prevents the penetration of any pollutants in your body. Selenite crystal energy are limitless. Let’s delve in deeper.

Selenite Physical Healing Properties :

The stone vibrational frequencies aids in clearing your body of toxins. It serves as a trustworthy detox buddy. Since the start of its use, people are astounded of its healing abilities. It is most recognized for its ability to heal the human spine. Selenite emits a calming energy wave that straightens the spine.

Free radicals are unstable atoms that can destroy cells, causing disease and ageing. Moreover, this gemstone can help maintain your skin, hair, and eyes clear, bright, and soaked in a youthful, dewy glow by reversing free radical damage to cell structure.

Mental and Emotional Healing Properties :

Human emotions are contagious. Selenite gemstone benefits are amazing and due to its capacity to deliver positive outcomes it helps improve the body’s energy flow, promoting mental health in the wearer.

It is a stone that encourages growth and doesn’t want to be your anchor or your source of doom. It aids in giving you exquisite judgement, sound insight, and awareness of your surroundings, therefore allowing you to take the best decisions. It raises you to your highest form of strength, letting go off the emotional energies.

Metaphysical Properties of Selenite Crystals :

Selenite appears to shine brightest in the metaphysical realm, where it is genuinely intricately heavenly. A fantastic stone for removing any energy barriers that are keeping you from living fully. It helps maintains the flow of light and energy by closely collaborating with the higher chakras, including the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra.

It allows higher flow of energy through the heart chakra. As a result we are filled with compassion and love and have faith and opened to the higher realms. Selenite is a magnificent spirit guide and is also utilised in reiki as a key instrument for aura purification.

Selenite Crystal Combinations:

Crystals are already powerful but when combined with another crystal, you might be shocked to know the impact it gives. It gets stronger and ascends to greater levels of energies. Choose a crystal that closely resembles selenite and possess the same power and energies. Let’s have a look at some of the best Selenite crystal pairing.


Selenite & Amethyst:

lineology_selenite_tumblesAmethyst Tumble

Both these gemstones are powerful spiritual stones and it is an excellent crystal combination for meditation because it opens up the Crown chakra and helps you connect with your higher self. Combine Selenite with Amethyst for a tranquil energy.




Selenite & Moonstone:



While Selenite can be combined with any gemstone, moonstone and Selenite make for one of the most powerful combos. Selenite and moonstone both vibrate with lunar energy. You can practise visualization with Selenite and Moonstone since they both promote spiritual awareness.



Selenite & Lapis Lazuli:


Lapis Lazuli

Due to their similar high vibrations, raw selenite stone and Lapis Lazuli complement each other very well and are a powerful duo when it comes to driving away evil forces.



While Selenite’s therapeutic qualities and calming nature establish a profound sense of tranquilly within, Lapis Lazuli assists you in developing a connection with your inner understanding and accessing the truth within. In general, these gems aid in promoting mental clarity and clearing up confusion.


This gem has a stunning amount of energy running within it and undoubtedly among the most dependable, whether you adore its ethereal beauty or its limitless healing effects. Selenite crystals are common; however, it can be difficult to find one that is actually of high quality. Selenite crystals come in a wide range of prices depending on their size and shape. Real selenite stones are what you need if you’re searching for a crystal that emits a lot of positive energy.

Because gemstones have strong energies, it is usually advised to consult an expert before purchasing any.

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