What is Vastu Shakti Chakra? The Benefits of Shakti Chakra

Vastu Shakti Chakra

What is Vastu Shakti Chakra? The Benefits of Shakti Chakra

An ancient Indian science known as vastu chakra guarantees that buildings are constructed and designed in accordance with the presiding deity of the energy of the direction and are routinely energized to remove harmful elements, impede harmful energies, and boost beneficial energies in the home.

This fundamental principle of vastu shastra, also known as the vastu purushas, has its origins in the oldest Vedic texts, the Vedas, which state that every part of the body represents a different direction that is governed by the ruling deity.

The Concept of Vastu Chakra:

To ensure that the construction of homes and buildings is in accordance with the many aspects of the laws of the universe and that both sides may coexist, vastu shastra employs shapes (mandalas), directions, and calculations to determine various energy principles.

The five elements of nature (Panchabhuta), the planets, the chakras, and the house’s geometry all contribute to these energies.

Sky (Aakash), Air (Vayu), Earth (Prithvi), Fire (Agni), and Water are the five fundamental components of nature (Jal). These components are present both within and outside of people, and they are an essential component of all structures, according to Vastu Shastra.

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Benefits of Shakti Chakra:

Vastu is a really effective strategy. The strength of this shastra guarantees that good energy is channeled properly and is of considerable significance. Here are a few benefits of the Shakti chakra that I’ve listed;

  • Its goal is to pull and concentrate uplifting cosmic energy into people’s lives so they can genuinely succeed in whatever they set out to do.
  • With the use of design, layout, space, measurement, and other concepts, it aids in controlling the energies and influences of many directions, elements, and more to optimize the advantages of health, prosperity, and happiness, among other things.
  • Makes it easier to identify the patterns for a better home plan.
  • Helps one comprehend the energy flow that can be used to better one’s position or condition in life.
  • Enhance interpersonal relationships.

One should be aware that Vastu Shastra can be used at any stage of life to help you succeed. Success is not always materialistic or physical, though. The advantages are almost always exclusively psychological or spiritual.

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Tips for Vastu Shastra:

  • As per vastu for home, the main door of the house, serves as both the family’s entryway and a centre for energy and vibrations. As a result, your home should have its main entrance facing north, east, or northeast.
  • Keep any water features or other decorations away from the entrance.
  • Be careful not to face the south-west while drinking water or preparing food; only look to the east.
  • To promote the health of the residents, the kitchen should be situated in the south-east, the direction of the fire element.
  • It is recommended to use wooden beds without internal storage over metal ones.
  • Placing Lord Hanuman statue facing south would promote mental and spiritual fortitude.
  • Ganesh idol in the south-west ensures stability, while Kuber idol in the north guarantee’s money in the home.


Utilizing the flow of energies for our benefit only begins when we are aware of and comprehend the Vastu Chakra for the home. Significant efforts must be made to put these ideals into practise. Shakti Chakra Vastu is a superb tool for precisely identifying the locations that can be used to elevate positive energies while concurrently avoiding the areas that can cause bad vibrations.

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