Why Do We Dream?


Why Do We Dream?

There are several hypotheses about the function of dreams. According to the research, “dreams appear to aid with memory generation, integration, problem-solving, and consolidation of thoughts about ourselves and our surroundings.” Neuroscientists have also revealed that dreams aid in information processing and mood regulation.

According to neuroimaging research, the amygdala— an emotional region in your brain — is one of the areas of your brain that is most active during dreams, suggesting that dreaming is a highly emotional experience.

What is the purpose of our dreams? There are various possibilities. Is dreaming only a part of the sleep cycle, or do they serve a separate purpose? While scientists have a strong understanding of what happens physiologically when people dream, much more research on what happens mentally has to be done.

What does my dream mean?

Throughout history, different cultures have assigned significance and importance to dreams, despite the fact that there is little empirical evidence that dreams have specific meanings. The experience of dreaming varies depending on the stage of life we are in, according to Dr. Dwight Turner, UKCP Psychotherapist. Certain dreams do have meanings linked to them, if only because they are meaningful to a large number of individuals.

Common Dreams and Symbols in Dreams

  • Dreams about Water –

Dream Of Water_Lineology        Water is a common theme in many people’s dreams. Water is a metaphor for the unconscious and hidden, hence the significance of                  these dreams varies based on the setting of the dream and the person. But it’s also a sign of cleanliness and purification.

Water is supposed to represent emotions, and various forms of water can be used to represent various emotions. Muddy water, for                    example, can symbolize melancholy, tidal waves can symbolize overwhelm, and clean water can symbolize emotional clarity.

  • Dreams on death –

Dream of Death_Lineology

Death is a typical theme in dreams, particularly the death of someone emotionally close to you. Death has such a profound effect on                   the  living that it is frequently depicted in dreams. According to Loewenberg, dreaming about death can indicate the end of something               in  real  life, but not always the end of life.

Kuras claims, “This depends totally on the dreamer’s perception of these visions in the context of their life and challenges”. Dream                    work  is largely concerned with the dreamer’s examination of feelings and meaning, and it resembles the ‘job’ of dealing with life’s                      challenges  in certain aspects.

  • Dreams about being trapped –

• Dreams about being trapped _Lineology

When you have a dream about being stuck, it usually means you are concerned about your current condition. This could be to your                    work, your relationship, or even the country in which you now reside. Your mind has a way of showing you things in a subtle way, so                  if you’re worried about your job keeping you from traveling, your brain may generate a dream in which you’re stuck.

A dream about being stuck in a small space usually indicates that you are unhappy with your current circumstances and wish to                         change  them. There aren’t many situations in which dreaming about being confined is a good thing, so tread carefully.

  • Dreaming about babies and having children –

Dreaming Babies_Lineology

Another common dream with a simple meaning. Having children on your mind simply implies you want to grow your family and                       leave   a  legacy. It signifies that you want to play a father or mother role in your children’s lives and help the environment.

However, it’s possible that you’re holding something back in your dream. Dreaming about children might also indicate a desire to                      grow  closer to your inner child. Everyone is considered to have an inner child or true self that yearns to be liberated. Dreams are one                way for  this to manifest.

  • Dreaming about Snakes –

dream of snake_Lineology         Snakes are a typical dream animal because they are so easily associated with dishonesty and lying. Snakes are a typical dream animal                because they are so easily associated with dishonesty and lying. Snakes have long been associated with deception, both in the Bible and            throughout history. Dreaming about a snake can indicate that you are worried about something or that someone close to you is lying               about something.

  • Dreaming about being Pregnant – Preganant_LineologyPregnancy in a dream usually indicates that you are ready to start a new chapter in your life. If you’re afraid about becoming pregnant, it might be a child, or it could simply be thinking about starting something new, such as a new relationship, work, travel plans, or even trying to alter yourself.

It can also indicate a fear of taking on new obligations, as children are frequently associated with a high level of accountability. If you                have a negative dream about it (the feeling in the dream is rushed, frightened, or pressured), it may indicate that you are not ready to                take on new difficulties.


Most dreams indicate that you can exercise on your own; simply think about the symbols in the dream and what they mean to you in real life, as well as what thoughts or other phrases they trigger and connect the dots. Determine what your brain is attempting to communicate. Dream analysis can reveal a lot about your thinking and perception of the world.

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