Why do we dream? Do your dream really mean something?

A girl sleeping and dreaming.

Why do we dream? Do your dream really mean something?

The human mind is perhaps the best creation of the Almighty. Despite advanced medical researchers around the world, we have not been able to decipher the real power of our subconscious mind. But a possible gateway to our subconscious is our dreams. Our dreams bring deep answers from within and let us connect with our real desires. A dream analysis by a clairvoyant will be really helpful in getting a clear picture of your underlying desires and motivation.

A dream analysis tries to explore the contents of your dreams, meaning of different symbols and representations to understand the subconscious activities. Sometimes, dreams are the best way to understand the subconscious memories and blocks which are keeping you from enjoying the happiness and joy of the present. We can say dreams are a way of messaging by your own soul to yourself.
People come from different backgrounds and cultures and therefore, the meaning of a symbol is also different for them. For example, a spider in dreams can symbolize good luck for one person and bad for another. For some, it can symbolize spiritual energy and power for feminine energy.

Meaning of Popular Dream Symbols

Symbols communicate with us at different levels depending on our culture, background, and personal experiences but here are some symbols which have universal meaning.
•    Water- Universally, water represents emotions. If you see water very often in your dreams, pay attention to it. How is it? Flowing or stagnant? Blurred or clear? Did it feel refreshing or embarrassing?

•    The Sun- Sun brings brightness and abundance of light in the world and is generally considered good in dreams but pay attention to your particular dream. Was the sun partly cloudy? Was it too powerful?
•    The Moon- The symbol of night and feminism, the moon is said to be a representative of the subconscious. But you have to pay attention to the stage of the moon. Was it full or partial?

There are many levels of the meaning of a particular symbol and they are required to be put in context depending on the person’s situation. An adept dream analyzer can help you get the true meaning of your subconscious mind and use it for better decision-making in life.

If you think you are unable to untangle your dreams, why not take the help of experts? Just install Lineology on your Android or iOS phone and have the best of dream analyzers just a few clicks away. As soon as you will upload your query or should we say the dream story, you are done. Just wait for a few hours and you will have the answer video from the chosen expert.
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