World Cancer Day 2023: We Are Stronger Together

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World Cancer Day 2023: We Are Stronger Together

As long as we can remember, cancer has been one of the main causes of death and it still is. Cancer is one of those illnesses that sends chills down our spines. The deadliest disease and second largest cause of mortality and has affected everyone in the world. Cancer can develop anywhere, but the three malignancies that are most prevalent globally are colon, lung, and breast cancer.

There were 1.9 million new cancer diagnoses and 609,360 cancer-related deaths in 2022.

Every year on February 4th, World Cancer Day is observed to raise awareness of the disease and the dread it evokes. This particular day is devoted to all individuals who experience the emotional and physical suffering that comes with this awful disease.

According to current scientific research, early detection of tumours can cut mortality and prevent at least 40% of cancer cases with appropriate primary prevention strategies.

What is world Cancer Day 2023 theme?

The theme marks the second year with the campaign “bridge the care gap” and will continue till 2024 (a 3-year campaign). It aims in focusing on raising awareness of the disparities in cancer care and encouraging action to overcome those gaps.

Importance of World Cancer Day

The basic elements of the human body are cells. To create new cells, cells multiply and grow. As they age cells die. New cells then replace the old ones. Genetic alterations that disrupt this well-ordered process are the cause of cancer. Cancer is a disorder in which some body cells originate, expand, and spread to other body areas uncontrollably.

 Addressing cancer is really difficult. Due to inadequate education, and limited access to inexpensive treatment, some countries have demonstrated poor cancer prognoses. According to a survey, the majority of cancer patients in some of India’s biggest cities only seek therapy for the first time when their condition is advanced. Low poverty and the literacy rate have a big impact on cancer awareness.

As a result, on World Cancer Day, we join hands in an effort to eradicate this devastating disease and create a better, healthier world. A number of activities are planned with the intention of educating and raising cancer awareness, including early diagnosis, treatment, and other issues. Let’s make a vow together this world cancer awareness day, ‘I can and I will defeat it “.

Cancer Prevention :

Modern medical technology has made healing for cancer patients easier. It is now possible to identify some cancers in their early stages, improving treatment options and survival rates. More than half of cancer patients are still alive five years after diagnosis, and survival rates have increased by 30% for several prevalent tumours over the previous 20 years. The understanding of the human mind and body has evolved, just like medical procedures and treatment alternatives.

According to scientific research, fighting cancer requires both the body and the psyche to be at peace. Patients with high hopes for recovery frequently do so because the release of biological substances changes particular brain regions and promotes healing.

Have you ever heard of spiritual healing for cancer patients? What exactly does this mean? Let’s study in greater detail how spirituality contributes significantly to the recovery of cancer patients.

  • Reiki Healing

What is Reiki Healing then ?

world cancer day for Reiki Healing
Reiki Healing

Reiki is a non-invasive technique that transfers gentle energy from one person to another to aid in the promotion of wellbeing. No pressure is applied, and no tissue is manipulated. Practitioners claim that when there has been a physical injury or even mental pain, energy can become stagnant in the affected area. By placing their hands on various parts of the body, those skilled Reiki masters are able to draw limitless healing energy that exists in the universe.

According to scientific research, Reiki can lessen patients’ symptoms and enhance their quality of life. Reiki is a supplemental therapy that some cancer patients may utilise in addition to their standard treatments. One of the most common diseases impacting women globally is breast cancer. Reiki and breast cancer treatment has emerged as a simple method of combating the disease.

According to Reiki practitioners, it can :

  1. Help you experience intense relaxation.
  2. Assist you in overcoming adversity.
  3. Emotional tension and stress relief.
  4. Aid in enhancing wellness.

After undergoing treatments like reiki, some cancer patients claim to feel more at ease. According to studies, a tranquil environment with gentle touch can be soothing. In hospices, reiki is occasionally utilised as part of palliative care.

It’s important to keep in mind that reiki cannot cure cancer, despite the fact that it could make you feel more at ease and capable of coping.

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  • Pranic Healing

Similar to how yoga is important for balancing your mind and body, spirituality and cancer survivors go hand in hand.

Immune and genetic problems are frequently incurable and are treated with powerful drugs. The radiation used to treat cancer is so powerful that it adversely affects healthy cells, leading to short- and long-term side effects.

Pranic healing is an ancient science and art of healing using prana, ki or vital energy. The physical body’s primary and vital organs are controlled and energised by major chakras, which are whirling energy centres. Healing is achieved by purging or expelling the diseased bioplasmic substance from the affected chakra

In addition to treating diseases at their root causes, pranic treatment also controls them by using a stronger gateway, the mental component. People who have received pranic healing have responded better. Through the course of the treatment, it has helped one maintain their composure and optimism.

Pranic Healing helps :

  1. One’s will to live stronger.
  2. Relieve physical stress and internal tiredness.
  3. Eliminates anxious thoughts that might interfere with the body’s ability to respond to treatment.
  4. Eliminates all cancerous, delicate physiological processes that are occurring at a deeper level of the body.

Both Prana and cancer are as tiny as individual cells. Therefore, while prana healing may not be apparent to the naked eye, it still functions.

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Conclusion :

Both of these treatments are effective when used in conjunction with each other to treat cancer patients. Sometimes we misdiagnose and treat diseases, classifying them as fatal or incurable, whilst other times, a change in the course of therapy might result in a dramatic improvement in a patient’s health.

The idea is that more subtle healing approaches should be utilised as an integrated approach to treatment of cancer rather than depending on treatments that are overly artificial and so intense that they have more adverse effects than advantages.

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